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Robert Sheets 

Bobby Sheets

Bobby Sheets was sexually molested by ex-priest Richard Hickerson and probation officers Nelson Baroque and Ken Seguin.  (Probation officer Ken Seguin would watch and masturbate while Barque was molesting the boy.)

Robert Sheets Project Truth Victim Statement October 2000:  CBC Radio transcript

Bobby Sheets Affidavit for Standing and Funding

at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

[ note:  the correct spelling in the affidavit below is Nelson BARQUE not Baroque, Spelling error is in the original.]



I, ROBERT SHEETS, of the City of London, in the County of Middlesex, in the Province of Ontario, MAKE OATH AND SAY AS FOLLOWS:

1.  I am one of the group of victims (hereinafter referred to as “Victims Group”) who was sexually abused in the Cornwall area.

2.  In 1977, I was sexually abused by Richard Hickerson, Nelson Baroque and Ken Seguin. This abuse continued for five years.

3.  The Victims Group seeks standing at this Inquiry to ensure that the perspective of the Victims Group is brought before the Inquiry.

4.  As a victim of sexual abuse, my perspective includes the following:

a.  The perpetration of sexual abuse by persons entrusted with my counselling and rehabilitation led to my complete distrust in the system.

b.   If I had received help in dealing with the consequences of my abuse earlier on, then my life would have been different. I would not struggle with ongoing psychiatric problems.

Impact of the Abuse

5.  As a result of this sexual abuse, I lost my childhood. I struggled to come to terms with what had happened and I turned to drugs and alcohol to help me cope and am addicted to both to this day.

6.  My poor coping mechanisms resulted in my inability to concentrate and I dropped out of school in the ninth grade. As a result, I find it difficult to obtain gainful employment.

7.  Since the abuse and the failure of any form of institutional response, I have lost trust in authority figures and institutions. This has led me to experience difficulties with the law.

8.  The abuse has left me in emotional, physical and mental turmoil, which has resulted in an inability to develop meaningful, intimate relationships.
Failings of the Institutional Response

9.  The Province failed in its job to rehabilitate me as a parolee.

10.  Due to my status as a parolee, the authorities questioned my credibility and have failed me as a victim.

11.  Despite knowledge of the abuse coming to light, at no time have I ever been offered any adequate psychological counselling or support to help me deal with the consequences of the abuse that I suffered at the hands of Nelson Baroque, Ken Seguin and Richard Hickerson.

12.  I believe that further details of my first hand experience as a victim dealing with the Cornwall police and justice system, which is the focus of Part I of this Inquiry, would be beneficial information for the Inquiry. I believe that my experiences and those of other victims must be canvassed by the Inquiry in order for it to fulfill its mandate.

13.  My detailed experiences dealing with the police and justice institutions could be obtained by my testimony or the provision of a summary of my experiences. The provision of either would be most effective if counsel were provided to me as it would be to other victims.
Clinical Support

14.  Currently, I am not receiving psychological help in dealing with the abuse that I endured.

15.  I verily believe that I require psychological support and counselling to help me deal with the emotional trauma I have suffered as a result of the abuse. However, I believe that I should be able to see the counsellor of my choosing and that I should be able to get this help in London, which is the town where I currently reside. This does not appear to be an option at this time.

16.  As a first hand victim of sexual abuse, I verily believe that it is crucial that my perspective be brought before the Inquiry. Therefore, I have a direct interest in the outcome of this Inquiry and, as part of the Victims Group, have a substantial interest in ensuring the objectives of this Inquiry are met.

17.  I further understand that I have the potential for a civil action or application for criminal injuries compensation and that those legal rights may be impacted by my participation within the Inquiry. Accordingly, I believe that I need access to legal counsel, as do other victims like me, in order to fairly participate without detrimental impact upon my civil and administrative remedies.

18.  Having personally experienced the depths of the impact of sexual abuse and the related institutional failings, I, like other victims have the greatest motivation to see the system corrected and improved.

19.  I strongly believe that there is no greater advocate for systematic improvement of the treatment, handling, and prosecution of sexual abuse cases than the victims themselves.

20.  One of the devastating effects of my sexual abuse has been my inability to maintain gainful employment. I have been clinically diagnosed with paranoia and severe depression. As such, I am currently receiving benefits from Ontario Disability Support Program in the monthly amount of $930.00. This is my only source of income. Therefore, in order to participate and be adequately represented at the Cornwall Inquiry I require that Ledroit Beckett, as my counsel of choice, receive funding to represent my interests without which I would otherwise be unable to participate in the Inquiry.

SWORN BEFORE ME at the City of London ,

in the County Middlesex this 24th day of October, 2005.

A Commissioner, etc.
&nsp;                 R0BERT SHEETS