Renshaw: Robert Renshaw

Bobby Renshaw

alleges sexual abuse by probation officer Ken Seguin and priest Father Charles MacDonald

Brother of Gerry Renshaw
















I, Robert Renshaw, of the Village of Clifford, in the County of Wellington, solemnly swear that:

My name is Bobby Renshaw. I currently live in Clifford, Ontario. I work as a welder painter at a farm supply plant. I am currently married and have two children. I lived in Cornwall, Ontario most of my life. I am thirty-four years old.

2. In September of 1981 my father died. I remember that Ken Seguin came to our house of Eighth Street in Cornwall and picked me up about four days after my dad died. I was pretty messed up in the head about him dying and Ken said that he would take me to a friend that would help me out. I remember that he took me to the St. Columban’s Parish house on 4th Street across from the Church, the one by the fire station and the cop shop. I had never been there.

3. I remember knocking on the door and a priest came to the front door and let us in. The priest was Father Charles MacDonald. I went in the house and he took me into the living room that was on the west side of the house closer to the cop shop. He asked me what kind of a problem that I had and I said my father just died, I remember that I was crying at the time. He said a prayer and said “have faith in God”. He said to me “you look like you could use a hug”. I thought that it was normal and it was like a friend thing. He then came over and started rubbing my back. He started rubbing my ass and I was very scared. He then began to dry hump me and I could feel that he had an erection. He was really getting off on this.

4. Father Charlie then began playing with my dick. He undid my pants and started to fondle me. I was so scared and I did not know what to do. He grabbed my penis and was grabbing his penis at the same time. I felt like Ken was feeding me to the sharks. I was taught as a young child to respect the Church and believe in the Church. I had a great respect for the Church. After that day I never went to Church again.

5. I remember that Father Charlie was dressed in his priest robe, like his Church clothes. I felt that this was a set up that Ken had brought me here. Father Charlie then began to rub up and down my thigh and he took my hand and was rubbing up and down his thigh. I then realized that he had nothing on underneath his robe. He took my hand and put it on his penis which was hard. He was giving himself a hand job. It really pisses me off that I could not get out of there, but I was so afraid and he kept playing th me.

6. I remember that I backed off and sat down in a chair in the room and pulled up my zipper. I wanted to leave I was really freaked out and he came over and said sorry. Then he undid my zipper again and went down on me and gave me a blow job. I remember that after he was laughing like ha ha what a joke. It was like being in the lion’s den. I remember that there was only Ken Seguin, Father Charlie and myself in the house at the time. I think that it was a Friday night and everyone was gone away that lived at the house. I remember that he sucked me off until I came. I remember that he offered me booze. I was in the room for about one and a half hours and then Ken came back and said “how did your counseling session go” then we left. This was the first time that I had met Father Charles MacDonald.

7. I had known Ken Seguin before for about six months. He was my brother Don’s probation officer and he would often come over to the house. As I look back now it was almost like it was going down the line. Ken came over one night and my dad was watching the hockey game. He asked me if I would like to do some yard work for him and I said sure I could use the extra money. He said that I could cut his grass and do gardening.

8. He picked me up the following Saturday and I went to his house. We stopped at Tim Horton’s first and picked up a coffee. I had jeans on that day and Ken asked me if I wanted a pair of shorts because it was hot. I went in and he gave me a pair of shorts to put on and then said I could change right there in the livingroom. I never thought much of it but while I was changing Ken came over and he rubbed my back. He said the shorts look good on you and you fill them out nice. He took me home after that day and he gave me forty dollars. When I was still in the car he rubbed my thigh and said good job see you next weekend.

9. Over the next six years I got in trouble with the law. Ken was always my probation officer. During this period of time he sexually assaulted me many times. He would suck my cock at least 15 -20 times a year. He would play with my penis when I was at the probation office. He wanted to screw me but I could not do it. I remember thinking what happens when he was playing with me in the probation office if someone opens the door. In my opinion Ken like to suck little boys cocks and play with little boys cocks and that is why he and Father Charlie got along so well. I felt trapped all this time and I felt like I was his play toy.

10. I recall that Mark Menard was always with Malcolm MacDonald. Mark would always be wearing these short shorts that girls on Yonge Street would not wear, I mean his dick would be half hanging out.

11. I recall that there were a lot of people that I would see at Ken Seguins house including:

a. Malcolm MacDonald

b. Father Charlie MacDonald

c. Ron Leroux

d. C-8

e. David Latrille – the army guy

f. Al Laplante

g. Stuart McDonald

h. Claude Shaver

i. Dale Crowder

j. Francis Sabourin

k. Harvey Berry, Jr.

1. Kara Berry

m. Gerry Renshaw – my brother

n. Fern Touchette

o. Ron Wilson

p. Rory MacDonald

q. Norm Robertson

r. other probationers

12. I remember when I was at Ken’s the beer would be going and you could light up a joint or anything. Even when I was on parole I could do anything.

13. It was no big deal to be at Ken’s and observe people on probation drinking booze, smoking drugs and talking with each other.

14. Ken would say come over to my house to report when I was on probation. He used his position of power and authority. I mean he took all the psychology courses. He had your whole file in front of him. Not only did he use his probation officer position but he also used money.

15. When I got in trouble with the law Ken never hassled me.

16. Ken knew we were still doing the break and enters.

17. A lot of prominent people in Cornwall knew what was going on.

18. I feel Cornwall is another Prescott, huge numbers of victims and offenders.

19. Father Charles MacDonald is a flicking pedophile.

20. I remember when Clair and I were living in St. Andrews, Father Charlie approached Clair and wanted her son Jason to be an Altar boy and I said no.

21. Father Charlie would invite Jason to the Parish House. Jason would say I’m going to bring my sister too. Father Charlie would say don’t bother coming then.

22. I always told Jason don’t be around that man alone.

23. No one wants to hear that these high mucky mucks are messing with kids.

24. I turned to drugs and alcohol to try and forget the abuse.

25. I would rob Peter to pay Paul.

26. I wanted as much booze and drugs that I could pump into me.

27. I wish Ken Seguin was still alive so I could punch him in the mouth for what he did to me.

28. Ken had the power to pick and choose his victims.

29. I knew this D.S. thing was bothering Ken. Ken had a lot going on in his mind with this Father Charlie thing.

30. There were a group of pedophiles a click.

31. These guys have a lot of power.

32. I knew Malcolm was good friends with Judge Fitzpatrick.

33. At the parties at Ken’s there was always mostly boys and men. Once in awhile there would be a girl.

34. People knew what was going on down there at Ken’s.

35. Malcolm MacDonald seemed to be the ringleader. The one in control.

36. Fifteen years ago I attempted suicide.

37. I have been angry all of my life.

38. I have a hard time showing emotions.

39. I have a hard time interacting with people.

40. I have had a hard time developing relationships especially with girls.

41. I remember a girlfriend I had, Ann, I treated her like garbage. I could not get close to her.

42. I’m not out for blood I just want these pedophiles away from children.

43. I want Father Charles MacDonald charged. I would want Ken Seguin charged if he was alive.

44. I want these guys off the Street.

45. I always kept this secret hidden but now its out.

46. It creates so much anger but now I want the truth out. I want to heal.

47. I make this affidavit for no other or improper purpose.


Town of Newmarket, in the
Regional Municipality of York
this 10th day of February 1997.

A Commissioner, etc Robert Renshaw

Charles J.Bourgeois

Barrister Solicitor


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