Ron Leroux Statement (04 December 1996)



23 JANUARY 1947

I attended St Columbans Boys School as a young person. This school is located in the City of Cornwall on the corner of Adolphus and Fourth Street. The school was run by brothers and priests there were also a few lay people employed by the school. Brother John was the principal of the school. I can remember when I was around nine years old we would have to line up for confession outside the gym in the hallway of the school and then one by one you would enter the school gym and the priests would hear your confession. There were little dividers set up in the gym as you entered. Sometimes there were two priests sometime there was only one.

The first time that I went into confession I was nine years old. I remember going into the booth in the gym where I encountered Father Bernard Cameron. I began to tell my confession and when I finished he said:” is that all.?” I said : ” what do you mean is that all?” He said:” you don’t play with yourself ?” He then reached over grabbed me by the shoulder and then he grabbed me by the bag and said :” play with yourself’. I was in shock. Father Donald McDougal also molested me while I was at the Boy’s school. He used the same routine. You would go into the confession and he would grab you by the penis. Father McDougal grabbed me by the penis on two occassions, I would have been about 12 years old at this time. I never went back to confession after I was 14 years old. The fact is that after I was 14 years old I quit attending the catholic church. I lost all of my trust in the catholic church and the priests. I had no self worth after these incidents, I became a loner, I was scared everyday.

I remember that there was this nun, Mother St. Carolyn, who was pushing me into being an alterboy. She told me start hanging out with the boys who go to church they have these seminars and religious retreats. I remember there was this one Friday night I had heard that there was going to be a religious retreat at Cameron’s Point. I mentioned it to my dad and he said that he didn’t have time to drive me to these retreats. I ended up going with Stan LeGallais both of us got a drive from one of his relatives. I remember that after we got dropped off there was a long walk into the cottage area from the road. It was a long dark road. I remember that there were hedges on both sides of the cottage and there was a large deck on the rear. There was a small bonfire going at the back. There were a bunch of priests there.

I remember Bishop LaRocque being there at Cameron’s Point, he was a priest at the time. Father Donihee, FatherMcDougald, Father Cameron and other priests were there. I remember that there were eight or nine boys there when we arrived. Stan and I stood in the bushes when we first arrived and I observed the priests fondeling the boys that were on the deck most of them had no clothes on. Then another three or four boys around the fire with sheets over their heads and candles up their rectums. The priests were fondeling the boys putting their fingers up the rectums of the young boys. I remember that night I was wearing light blue deck pants with a rope belt with two buttons on the front of them, I used to call them my pirate pants.

The Bishop (Eugene LaRocque) was sitting on the back deck with a boy on his lap. I could see that he was fondeling this young boy and taking his bathing suit off. I was awe struck as I looked on. Bishop LaRocque then looked over at me and motioned to me to come to him. He said something in french Iike vien-ici. I was scared but I went over and he took my rope belt off. He then undid the two buttons on my pants. LaRocque then began to fondel me inside my pants. He did this for awhile then he put his fingers up my rectum. I remember that I was shocked, confused and it hurt. I remember looking over by the bonfire and I saw Father Donihee who had pinned Stan LeGallais to the ground. Father Donihee was groping and fondeling Stan all over including his genitials and rectum area. Not only did I observe this, Stan later told me that he had been molested. I looked into the cottage where I observed two young boys 12-13 years old. The two boys were sitting on the counter naked jerking each other off I remember that I met up with Stan by the side of the cottage and he was in shock. Then Father Cameron and Father McDougald came over to Stan and I. Cameron told us that if we tell anyone that we will be the ones who would get in trouble. Infact Cameron challanged us to go to our parents and tell them. Cameron said it will all get back to us through confession. We stayed at the cottage that night for about one hour. I remember telling my mother and father about the confession incidents and they did not belive me saying that priests were men of the cloth and that they would never do that. I never told my parents about the Cameron’s Point incident. I also did not know until this year that Stan LeGallais had died due to a drinking problem

I also remember a time outside of St. Columbans Church when Father R.J. MacDonald hit me for not parking my bicycle properly, I had parked by the vines near the side of the church. He came out and hit me in the side of the head and said move the bicycle. I said this one is mine. He hit me and said move them all.

I recognize picture number seven and picture number nine as Stuart MacDonald. I have seen Stuart MacDonald at Ken Seguins on at least three occasions. I also recognize Jacques Leduc(picture number three) as being at the V.I.P. meeting at Malcolm’s cottage. I remember Leduc as having a redish beard and redish hair.

The clan used to meet at a motel in Fort Lauderdale called the Saltaire. I observed Malcolm MacDonald getting screwed by a black boy. I walked into his room at the Saltaire and observed a black male prostitute having anal sex with Malcolm. Malcolm would have prostitutes in and out of his room in broad daylight, they would be wearing their beepers.

There was also a priest from Rochester New York that would come to the Saltaire, his name was Richard Orlando. I have observed the Bishop Eugene LaRocque, Claude Shaver, Murray MacDonald, Father MacDonald, Ken Seguin and Ron Wilson on Birch Avenue in Fort Lauderdale Floridia. Birch Avenue is a known pick up spot for young male prostitutes.

I remember there were several dinner parties at the parish house in St. Andrews. Malcolm MacDonald, Rory MacDonald, Bishop Larocque, Ken Seguin, XXXX [C-8], Kevin Maloney, Daniel Latrielle, Gino, Daniel Flipson and others. I recall that after the dinner parties the group that had assembled for the meal would disappear to seperate rooms including the upstaris bedrooms. The group would seem to vanish, be around all over.

I specifically remember one time when I was painting at the parish house in St. Andrews. Father Kevin Maloney came into the house with a young boy who appeared to be about I2 to 14 years old. The two of them passed me and went up to Charlie’ s bedroom which is located upstairs. I went upstairs a short while later and I looked into Charlie’s bedroom. At this time I observe that the two of them are in bed together. Their backs are to me and Kevin has the boy infront of him. All of their clothes are on the floor including a black pair of shoes and a small pair of running shoes. Kevin was humping the boy under the covers, there is not much doubt that they were having sex.

I remember Andre Pommier being at Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage he would often come with young boys a different one each time.

Malcolm MacDonald would bring male prostitutes and young boys to his cottage on the island. I remember that when he would have these prostitutes and young boys there visitors would include:

  1. Claude Shaver
  2. Father Charles MacDonald
  3. Father Rory MacDonald
  4. Ken Seguin
  5. Andre Pommier
  6. Eugene LaRocque
  7. Ron Wilson
  8. Mark Menard
  9. Gary Ostler

1O.David Ostler

11.David Latrille


13 . others

I also remember one time when I was painting out at the parish house in St. Andrews. Father Gary Ostler came into the house. I was painting and he grabbed me by the bag and said:” what is your game?” He assaulted me on this day, he is very strong and rough.

I can recall having a meal at Ken Seguin”s house in Summerstown with: Ken Seguin, Claude Shaver, Eugene LaRocque, Malcolm MacDonald, XXXX [C-8] and myself.

Father Charles MacDonald would keep a picture of Ken Seguin on his bedroom dresser at St. Andrews. He told me one time that Ken was his Rock Hudson. He also had pictures of David Latrielle and Rory MacDonald and several others on his dresser.

Malcolm MacDonald used to say “I’m so well connected that I tell the judges what to do.” I remember when I got charged with unsafe storage of a firearm, Malcolm told me not to worry because it was his nephew Bruce MacPhee that would be on the bench for the case.

David Silmser would call about three times a week. Silmser was looking for money. Ken would be outraged and out of his mind when Silmser would call. Silmser would call at all hours of the night. Ken said he wanted money, money, money. There were also others, Ken would tell me this one wants twenty that one wants twenty, I have nothing left for myself. Ken Seguin was constantly giving probation people (probies) money, smokes and beer.

Daniel Flipson would constantly be at the parish house in St. Andrews. He would be there for all the meals serving helping Charlie. Daniel Flipson also came over to Ken Seguin’s house in Summerstown often, he would always come with Father Charles MacDonald. I recall one night he stayed over at Ken Seguin’s with Father Charlie,Ken was gone away for the weekend. The two were alone and I saw them the following morning looking out from the window of Ken’s Bedroom upstairs. Sylvain told me that he would do favours for Father Charlie MacDonald in the shower. Infact Father Charles MacDonald confirmed that Sylvain came in the shower with him.

Malcolm MacDonald told me one time that Stuart McDonald Hated Perry Dunlop’s Guts.

There is no doubt that the clan were prepared to take human lives to continue the coverup of the sexual improprioties.

I know for fact that Ken Seguin, Malcolm MacDonald and Charlie MacDonald were homosexual lovers. Ken also told me that Claude Shaver and him went way back.

Mark Menard would have seen Malcolm MacDonald,s Kiddy Porn he would also have lots of information on Malcolm as he is Malcolm,s right hand man. Mark Menard has spent countless hours with Malcolm MacDonald. It is fact that Malcolm MacDonald holds a morgage for Mark Menard.

I make this statement of my own free will


Ron Leroux     04 December 1996