“Conflict Over Confidentiality At Inquiry” & related article

Cornwall News AM 1220

October 12, 2006 — Confidentiality issues continue to be a major concern at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The lawyers are at it again as they dissect what a publication ban should consist of. They are arguing that it is not as simple as banning the media from reporting a confidential name. Lawyers are now trying to figure out how they will refer to people whose names should not be released and who would have access to them. They also will debate whether or not the live web cast is actual “broadcasting”.


Inquiry Hears Conflicting Testimony
Cornwall News AM 1220

October 12, 2006 — Cross examination by the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall at the Cornwall Public Inquiry is uncovering conflicting statements. Lise Brisson is being asked about C1, who is an individual who cannot be named due to a publication ban. She says there was a meeting between C1, Mr. Brisson and herself before her son Benoit disclosed the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Gilles Deslauriers during the late 1970s. Lise Brisson says C1 told her that he also had issues with Deslauriers so he went to the bishop in the early 80’s and nothing was done about it. According to a police statement, C1 says he never told the bishop because he was afraid.