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The names listed below are those of two groups of sexual abuse victims and “alleged” victims who are involved with the Cornwall Public Inquiry and/or connected to the Cornwall scandal: (1) The Victims Group, and (2) Other victims and “alleged” victims.

The Victims Group

11 September 2007: Dallas Lee to Victims re conflict

15 September 2007:   Lawyer won’t grill Dunlop

The Victims Group comprises victims and “alleged” victims who applied for and received standing and funding collectively and are represented at the inquiry by the London-based law firm Ledroit Beckett. Attached to their application for standing and funding was a signed Affidavit submitted by each member of the group.

Unfortunately the vaguely worded mandate opened the door for any and all allegations of sexual abuse which, while serious, are not related to what we now know as the Cornwall scandal and cover-up. In order to avoid confusion therefore I have decided to post only those affidavits which are specifically related to the allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up which prompted calls for an inquiry.

I have included and marked with an asterisk (*) the names of four individuals whose alleged abusers may be directly or indirectly linked to the scandal.

Those names marked with two asterisk (**) are those of individuals who joined the Victims Group after the inquiry commenced. They do not have an Affidavit.

As the inquiry proceeds or if I hear otherwise by other means I will remove asterisks if it becomes clear that there is direct or indirect connection tothe allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up.

Other Victims

Other victims refers to those victims and “alleged” victims who are not members of the above Victims Group and are not represented by Ledroit Beckett.

I will build on this list of “other victims” as various individuals are called to testify.

Please note that the affidavits of the Victims Group apparently contain errors.  In the Spring of 2007 the affidavits were taken off the Cornwall Public Inquiry website, the law firm responsible, Ledroit Beckett, was ordered to check all affidavits for errors.  At some time the corrected affidavits will be re-posted.  Meanwile I have drawn attention to serious errors which were addressed in the Weave Shed.

Victims Group

• Anonymous: C-10

• Anonymous: C-14

• Anonymous: G.R.

• Archambault

• Roberta Archambault **

• Barnes: Wayne Barnes*

• Burgess: Jody Burgess

• Burgess:•Scott Burgess

• Brisson: Benoit Brisson

• DeMontigny : Marc DeMontigny

• Fields: Keith Fields

• Gauthier: Andre Gauthier

• Glaude: George Glaude

• Glaude  Ronald Glaude

• Labelle:  Stuart Labelle
• Lafave:  Wilfred Lafave

• Lalonde: Albert Lalonde

• Lalonde:  Paul Lalonde

• Larocque:  Lyle Larocque

• Latour:  Marc Latour

• Lauzon:  Rene Lauzon

• Lauzon: Jacques Lauzon

• Lebrun: Cindy Burgess-Lebrun

• Leger:  Mike Leger

• Levert:  Pierre Levert

• Marsolais: Jamie Marsolais

• McNair: Daniel McNair

• Ouellette:  Kenneth (Keith) Ouellette

• Pare:  Shawn Pare

• Parisien:  Steve Parisien*

• Papineau:  John Papineau

• Renshaw: Don Renshaw

• Renshaw: Gerald Renshaw

• Renshaw:  Robert Renshaw

• Rivette: Brigette Rivette*

• Seguin: Alain Seguin

• Seguin:  Larry Seguin*

• Sheets:  Robert Sheets

• Smith: Gareth Smith

• St. Louis: Adrian St. Louis

• Sutherland: Cathy Sutherland *

• Tyo: Dalton Tyo

• Tyo: Jason Tyo

• Vivarais: Fernand Vivarais

• Vivarais:  Rejean Vivarais


Other Victims

 * Anonymous

 * Anonymous: C-6

 * Anonymous: C-8

* Anonymous: C-11

* Bissonnette :Andre Bissonnette

* Antoine: Jeannette Antoine

* Carriere: Marc Carriere

* Lavoie: Andre Lavoie

* Leroux: Ron Leroux

* MacDonald: John MacDonald

* Marleau: Claude Marleau

* Nadeau: Dick Nadeau

 * Petepiece: David Petepiece

* Price: Shelley Price

* Roy: Albert Roy

* Silmser: David Silmser

* Thibault: Father Claude Thibault

* Upper: Kevin Upper (C-4)

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