“Probation Officer Makes Three Recommendations” & related article

Probation Officer Makes Three Recommendations

Cornwall News AM 1220December 19, 2007 — Carol Cardinal believes the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services can improve in three areas. The probation officer told the Cornwall Public Inquiry yesterday there should be a protocol for dealing with clients who disclose sexual abuse. Her second recommendation calls for mandatory training for probation officers on male sexual victimization. She would also like to see block training at the ministry so probation officers get updated on new research, information and policies every year.

Inquiry Hears Hard Numbers On Claims Of Abuse

Cornwall News AM 1220December 18, 2007 — The Cornwall Public Inquiry is hearing for the first time some hard numbers on how many probationers claim they were abused by two probation officers. Probation officer Carol Cardinal testified this morning 32 people have disclosed stories of a sexual nature since 1997. She says 20 of those named Ken Seguin, two named Nelson Barque and one named both of them. Under questioning from commission counsel this morning, she believes there are more cases out there.  Ken Seguin was never charged before committing suicide in 1993. Nelson Barque was convicted of child sex abuse and killed himself in the 1990’s.