Gagnon: Martial (Killer) Gagnon

Martial Gagnon

Killer Gagnon

Former referee with Junior Hockey League.  Friend of Fathers Paul Lapierre and Edouard Berube csv, the latter a Viatorian priest teaching at the Cornwall Classical College..

There is some confusion regarding charges with some saying that he was charged in the late 60s, specifically 1969.  He definitely was convicted in 1964 after a guilty plea. Gagnon was put on probation on condition he stay away from Cornwall.

Standard Freeholder

21 January 1964

“GIVEN PROBATION ON THREE COUNTS Martial Gagnon, formerly of Chevrier street, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent assault when he appeared yesterday in magistrates court here. He was given two years probation on the condition that he stay away from Cornwall”.

On January 31, 1964 Killer Gagnon’s property was transferred to Malcolm MacDonald, the Cornwall  lawyer, former Crown attorney, child molester and lawyer for Father Charles MacDonald who entered a guilty plea to obstructing justice in the illegal diocesan pay-off of David Silmser.


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