Garry Guzzo 23 February 1999 letter to Ontario Premier Mike Harris

Garry Guzzo (then Ontario Progressive Conservative Member of Provincial Parliament) 23 February 1999 letter to Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Michael Harris (text version of scanned copy)



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February 23, 1999

Hon. Michael Harris
Room 281, Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON
M7A 1A1

Re: Ontario Provincial Police/Project Truth

Dear Mr. Premier,

This will refer to my letter of September 18, 1998.

I have kept myself advised of the recent activity reported in local newspapers with regard to Project Truth. I am aware of the charges laid most recently as well as other charges since my letter of September 18, 1998. I think I have copies of every published newspaper report with regard to this investigation.

Since the proroguing of the House in December, 1998, I have had occasion to spend 10 days in Florida and as a result have had contact with permanent residents of the Fort Lauderdale area referred to in my letter of September 18, 1998. I want you to understand how embarassing it is for me to attempt to answer the pointed questions of a retired police officer with regard to this issue. This man is in contact on a regular basis with individuals who have visited the Fort Lauderdale area to investigate certain aspects of the allegations made by a number of people in the Cornwall area. The allegations centre around activities in the late ’60s to late ’70s and the motel records seem to confirm the attendance at a motel on the “pedophile strip” in the Fort Lauderdale area of the certain of the victims and in the company of the certain of the people named in the complaints by these victims. The information the retired police officer has received, which information has been confirmed by the undersigned, would indicate that certain key people have not yet been interrogated by the Ontario Provincial Police Project Truth Team. These people include complainants, as well as witnesses and at least in one case, a perpetrator, who has signed an affidavit, which affidavit was filed with the Attorney General of this province and the Solicitor General of this province in April, 1997. The person making that affidavit continues to state that he has not been interrogated by the Ontario Provincial Police with regard to this issue.

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My immediate problem is that I intend to return to Fort Lauderdale for another 10-day period and I will again face questions, which I find very, very difficult to answer. How is it possible that I suggest that there is a meaningful police investigation being carved out with regard to the allegations contained in the victims’ statements, which were filed with our government in a formal manner in April, 1997, when almost two years later key complainants and witnesses have not been interrogated? What possible explanation can there be for such a situation to exist; if in fact it is true, when further investigation is taking place and additional charges have been laid against people other than those named in the affidavits of the complainants in question? Is it possible the investigating officers have not received copies of the documentation served upon the Solicitor General and the Attorney General in April, 1997? Is it possible that these documents were not forwarded to the Ontario Provincial Police after being served upon the two ministries?

I do appreciate the sensitivity of a police investigation, particularly one of this nature. However, I am becoming very concerned with the failure of the investigation to at least interrogate people making these allegations contained in the documentation forwarded in April, 1997. I have had enough experience with police matters as a defense attorney, as a municipal politician and as a judge to appreciate it may be complicated and may sprout tangents which grow in many different areas. The fact remains that we are approaching two years since the formal delivery of this information to the two ministries in question. The fact remains that this information was available long before it was formally delivered to the two ministries in question. There may be many reasons why some of these people have not been contacted by the investigating officers; however, two of the obvious possible reasons must be dispelled immediately!

In closing, let me assure you, Mike, that this matter is not going to go away. If anything, it is growing legs day by day. I refer you to this month’s edition of Chatelaine Magazine, page 72. I would draw to your attention the tape of a W5 program, which was served with the documentation in question in April, 1997. Since that date, I understand W5 has done yet another follow-up on this matter.

This letter does not require a reply and I do not request that any information be provided to the undersigned. I simply am requesting that our government is satisfied that our responsibilities hereunder are being met and I will interpret your silence as my assurance that this is so.

Yours very truly,

Garry Guzzo, MPP

c.c Hon. Bob Runciman, Solicitor General
Hon Charles Harnick, Attorney General
Ron McLaughlin, Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier