The Inquiry

Under Construction

Order in Council (the mandate for the Inquiry)

Where the money goes

17 January 2010:  “Cop at centre of Cornwall inquiry appeals contempt convictions” & related articles

The Ever-Evolving Criminal Code of Canada

03 February 2009On-the-job training 

29 August 2008 PROTEST ROCKS INQUIRY (Ron Leroux was there – this was AFTER Ron testified)

28 August 2008Dunlop supporters protest outside Cornwall sex-abuse inquiry

08 August 2008Former Cornwall Bishop . . . Reveals Strange Career Of Albany Priest (good recap of the recycling and cover-up on both sides of the border)

28 November 2006:  Few secrets at Project Truth Inquiry (reference costs of inquiry to date and battle for publication bans)

09 October 2007:   BLOG Storm the gates of Heaven

01 December 2006:  Judge recuses himself after suggestions past work could bias him

27 November 2006: Unorthodox rules for Claude Marleau testimony

24 November 2006:  [More Delays – Cornwall Inquiry to run for another year] (The Diocese’s battle for  publication bans)

31 October 2006DIRECTIONS ON PROCESS – REQUESTS FOR CONFIDENTIALITY OF VICTIMS’ OR ALLEGED VICTIMS’ IDENTITIES  (“Openness is particularly important in the context of this Inquiry, which is expected to dispel rumours and innuendoes and ascertain allegations of cover-up and conspiracy theories.”)

13 October 2006 “Conflict Over Confidentiality At Inquiry” & related article (Re Deslaurier, Lise Brisson testimony, C-1 and publication bans)

15 October 2005:  BLOG What am I missing?

(re interrogation of witnesses and though we’re told the inquiry is not a  trial it’s being conducted like a trial)

21 September 2006:  One Year Into Cornwall Inquiry Stonewall-Cover-Up Goes Higher (Re connections. Inquiry costs & Father Frank Morrissey and now Father Jeff King advice to bishops in mid to late ’80s)


Garry Guzzo


Advisory Panel

Ben Hoffman



Expert Witnesses

Father Frank Morrissey omi

Father Tom Doyle OP

Father John Loftus  SJ

John Liston

Dr. Peter Jaffe

Dr. Mary Lynn Young

Dr. Donaleen Hawes

Wendy Harvey

Roger Kelly

Wendy Leaver

Robert Fulton