Scott: Father Donald Scott

Donald E. Scott

Don Scott

Donald E. Scott

Good friend of Fathers Paul Lapierre, Kenneth Martin and Hollis Lapierre (no relation to Paul Lapierre.)

Sexually abused Claude Marleau.


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[The following information on Father Donald Scott was derived from Catholic directories and the testimony of Father Paul Lapierre: it covers only the years and information available to me at this time.]

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Ordained: 21 March 1966

1968-69: St. Frances De Sales church, Cornwall, Ontario (pastor Father Francoise Lefebvre)

“Directeurs diocésains de la catéchèse”

Diocesan catechetics (English) – Donald Scott

Diocesan catechetics (French) – Rejean Lebrun

“Centre de catéchèse”

Bishop Adolphe Proulx

Donald Scott

Rejean Lebrun

Stuart MacMillan

Evariste Martin

Sr. Nancy Tallmir, cnd

Sr. Elaine Robitaille, csc

1969: listed as “absent from diocese.”

1970: St. John Bosco church, Cornwall (with Fathers Aime Leduc and Rene Dube)

in charge of Boy Scouts for the diocese

1971-72: not listed in index

not listed on any committee in directory

1973-74: P.O. Box 62, Station “J”, Toronto 6 (index 1973-74 CDN Catholic Directory)

1975-76: St. Raphael’s church, St. Raphael’s West

– helped organize Shalom House as the retreat centre for the diocese

1980: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. Mary’s) in Williamstown (pastor Father Michael J. O’Brien)

1985-86: address is listed as c/o the Diocesan Centre, Montreal Rd., Cornwall

13 April 1989: died of AIDS. Funeral in Montreal. Reception following the funeral held at the home of Father Paul Lapierre.


  • Was the executor of Father Hollis Lapierre’s will and as executor was charged with the destruction of the porn magazines and personal collection of pornographic Polaroid pictures owned by and hidden in a wall or cupboard behind Lapierre’s bed. Hollis Lapierre (no known relation to Father Paul Lapierre) died 1975.
  • Identified in Faith is our Strength as one of a number if priests who served at St. Columban’s in Cornwall between 1835 and 1993 – year(s) of service unknown at this time.