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[information taken from Father Martin’s own testimony at his September 2001 Project Truth sex abuse trial and from the Catholic Directories of Canada and Ontario Catholic Directories.There were two men who came forward with allegations of childhood sexual abuse against Father Kenneth Martin, one of whom, referred to elsewhere on this website as John Doe (Claude Marleau), also had allegations against Dr. Peachy, Sandy Lawrence, Roch Landry and Fathers Rene Dube, Hollis Lapierre, Don Scott and Paul Lapierre. Father Martin was acquitted by Justice Cusson.

In 2010 I was contacted by a man alleging sexual abuse by Father Martin at a summer camp at St. Andre d’Avelin, Quebec around 1970/71 and again the following year at Martin’s apartment in Westmount, Quebec.

Please note: In most dioceses rotations transpire in the Spring and/or Fall. Information for annual directories (indicating which parish a priest is serving in) is submitted the preceding Fall after the final round of rotations and parish assignments have been accomplished. A change of parish in the intervening months pre-publication is not the norm but does happen – such changes are therefore not conveyed in directories.D.O.B: 09 July 1931   Place: Buffalo, New York

Around 1936: after the death of his mother and his father’s subsequent re-marriage and inability to support him moved to Dickinson’s Landing (now Ingleside near Cornwall) Canada to be cared for by his new step-mother’s family.

Attended the Grand Seminary in Montreal (Sherbrooke St.)

31 May 1958: ordained at Our Lady of Grace, Ingleside for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

1959: served at St. Columban’s (Cornwall) with Fathers Ronald J. MacDonald, G.R. Villeneuve, D. Cameron

Organized the junior ski club of Cornwall. Conducted courses for the club on Saturdays at Eamer’s Corners. The club was advertised in the Freeholder and possibly a French publication. The club lasted on year because Father felt he had neither the time nor patience to continue plus “they were worried about the kids taking the bus to Eamer’s Corners and so on.”

1960: at St. Columban’s with Fathers Ronald J. MacDonald, H. Seguin, (Bernard A. Cameron ?)

1961: at St. Columban’s with Fathers Ronald J. MacDonald, H. Seguin, (Bernard A. Cameron?)

Stage manager for the St. Columban’s Drama Club production “Everybody’s Crazy.”

1962: at St. Columban’s with Fathers Ronald J. MacDonald, H. Seguin

1963: at Nativity of the BVM (now Co-Cathedral in Cornwall) with Fathers Bernard Guindon, Paul Lapierre, Albert Millette

1965: Diocesan director of catechetics.

In his capacity as Director of Catechetics, among things, conducted group meetings on catechetics for teachers

Assisted with the translation into English of the Quebec catechism, a new catechism compiled and published by the Canadian bishops. The English translation became known as “Come to the Father.” Martin said that his job in the diocese was to present the program in English and French to the teachers and “pastoral animators” in the schools. [note: the new catechism created a furor across Canada with many parents protesting that it was devoid of catholicity. Their protests fell on deaf ears. The bishops mandated that the new catechism must be taught in all schools – no other catechism was allowed.]

1966:    at Nativity of the BVM with Fathers Bernard Guindon, Gordon Villeneuve, Jean-Claude Boisvert

Inspector of catechetics for the diocese (Catholic directories)

In charge of the Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood (Catholic directories)

1967: Diocesan Director of catechesis and Inspector of catechesis (Catholic directories)

In charge of “diocesain de la Sainte-Enfance” (Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood?) (Catholic directories)

Part of the diocesan catechetical team which comprised of Fathers:

Kenneth Martin

Donald Scott

Rejean Lebrun

R. Poirier (probably Rene Poirier, a Viatorian priest)

At Sainte Croix (Holy Cross) with Father H-Alcime Poirier

19 September 1968-1971: Pastor at St. Martin de Tours in Glenn Robertson (replaced Father Lussier)

During his years at St. Martin de Tours taught religion at the High School in Alexandria

Also did some counselling

Testified that after he moved to Glenn Robertson he discovered that Mount Rigaud was close by and started travelling there to ski.

1971 (approx): asked Bishop Proulx if he could take further studies in Sociology to deal with the “drug problems” which he believed were coming and “I wanted to prepare myself better for counselling and for listening on this whole problem of…drugs that were in our society at the time. Proulx asked him to wait and help out at St. Theresa’s for one year.

1972: Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec) for one-year post graduate studies in Sociology.

Testified that while at Concordia was approached by someone telling him “the South Shore of Montreal” looking for someone bilingual to “open an office” for over 40,000 English Catholics. Martin worked part-time at the job while he pursued his studies. After wards he retained as “pastoral animator” for the English Catholic population of Montreal.

1973-1974: same Surrey Gardens address in Montreal as Father Paul Lapierre (Catholic directories)

1973 -1979: Pastoral Animator for the English Catholic population of Montreal.

1979: testified that his position as Pastoral Animator was being phased out. He was told that because he had done such a good if he would like he could take a refresher course in Theology at the Dominican Insititute in L’Abrelle, France, just outside Lyons.

Took a seven month course in L’Abrelle, France.

1980: testified he told Bishop Leonard Crowley that he would like to be a Chaplain at the Montreal General Hospital. In order to fill the position he was required to take a course called the Clinical Pastoral Education.

At some point became Chaplain at the Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe Clare, Quebec

2001: in Pointe Claire ,Quebec where he says Mass for some handicapped people and is chaplain at the Villa Marguerite, a CND (Sisters of Notre Dame) convent.


    • Loved skiing: “The great love of my life outside outside of my faith has got to be skiing” Testified that people would ask him to teach them how to ski (he taught himself to master something called the Austrian technique) and frequently “we would take off in groups, families.” He regularly skied in various locations in Vermont (ie., Stowe) and Quebec.
    • Friend of many teachers and Fathers Don Scott and Paul Lapierre.
    • Entertained regularly. Testified that the teachers used to call and ask “Do you have any spaghetti sauce available?” and they would show up, sometimes six or seven at a time.
    • Despite his many years in the Archdiocese of Montreal has retained his incardination in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

04 December 2009:  Died.

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08 October 2001 Insufficient proof: A Catholic priest is acquitted of sex charges after accusing other priests of pedophilia

01 December 2006Abuse victim says he was ‘passed around’ by attackers

 Kenneth John MartinMARTIN, Rev. Kenneth John – Passed away at Royal Victoria Hospital on September 04, 2009. Survived by his sister, Florence O’Donahue, brothers, Lorne, Weldon (deceased), niece Mary and nephews Brian and Donald. Former Chaplin of Lakeshore General Hospital, Former Pastor of St. Edward The Confessor Mission, Chaplin of Snowdon Oldtimers Association.

Visitations will be held at COLLINS CLARKE MACGILLIVRAY WHITE FUNERALS HOME 222 Highway 20, Pointe-Claire (exit 49 Cartier ave) entrance at 27 Salisbury Ave on September 09, 2009 from 2 to 4 and from 7 to 9 PM. and on September 10, 2009 at St. Edward The Confessor Church, 98 Aurora Ave Pointe- Claire from 12 noon, a celebration of his life starting at 1:00 pm. Burial of ashes at later date in St. Lawrence Valley Union Cemetery, Long-Sault, Ontario. In lieu of flowers a donation to the charity of your choice would be appreciated.