Lefebvre: Father Francois Lefebvre

Father Francois Lefebvre

Francois E. Lefebvre

Father Francois E Lefebvre, often referred to as Father Francis Lefebvre – known as “Father Manny”

Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 31 May 1934 for the Diocese of Alexandria (now Alexandria-Cornwall)

Allegations by Andre Gauthier that when he, Andre, was 10-years old Father Lefebvre began to sexually abuse him.  The abuse continued for 20 years.

In February 1994 Andre Gauthier told Bishop Eugene Laroque of the abuse.  A letter was sent to the diocese by Andre’s lawyer Howard Yeggendorf to the diocese’ lawyer, Peter Annis (now Justice Peter Annis).  For whatever reason a lawsuit was not filed until 2002 – lawyer for that action and outcome unknown).

 Available Background Info

The information on Father Francis Lefebvre is sketchy and drawn from the resources available to me, specifically some Canadian Catholic directories (CCCD) and some books on the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and the history of the region. As more information becomes available it will be added,. All parishes listed are within the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. [Info added July 2014 from the Justice Normand Glaude’s report from the Cornwall Public Inquiry added)No picture available

Raised in Cornwall. Attended Nativity Roman Catholic Church as a child.

Worked in the Cotton Mills in Cornwall. According to One Hundred Thousand Welcomes had an “ardent desire to become a priest” and was encouraged to continue his education.

Ordained: 31 May 1934 as a diocesan priest for the Diocese of Alexandria, now the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall

1937 – 1940 – Pastor at Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, Chrysler, St. Bernard Roman Catholic Church, Finch.

1941: Father Francis E Lefebvre assisted the choir and performed the solo “Pray for the Dead” at the Requiem High Mass for the funeral of Charles Fleck, long-time organist and choirmaster at St. Columban’s Roman Catholic Church.

1943-45:  Chaplain with the Canadian army (Glaude Report)

1945 – 53: Pastor at St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Lancaster

1954 – 1961: Ste. Croix, ( Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church) Cornwall. Lefevbvre was the founding pastor.

1961 – 1968: pastor at St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church, Cornwall

1968-1975:  Chaplain at Juvénat du Sacré Coeur, a  school in Summerstown for boys in grades 9 and 10 in Summerstown (Glaude Report)

1973-74: Juvénat du Sacré Coeur, R.R. #1, Summerstown, Ontario (CCCD)

1975 – 1978:  lived at St. Joseph’s Villa until his death – was Chaplain at the Villa until 1977 (Glaude Report)

Died: 30 October 1978 – age 76 (Glaude Report)

In One Hundred Thousand Welcomes we are told that he was “an ardent supporter of the Knights of Columbus and the Daughters of Isabella. At their annual banquets ‘a must’ was to have Father Manny sing ‘It’s a sin to tell a lie.’” He is described as “an affable and devoted priest.”