“Diocese Did Not Provide Police With All Information-LaRocque” & related article

Cornwall News AM 1220

August 27, 2008 — Revelations at the Cornwall Public Inquiry that the local diocese may not have handed over all information relating to child sex abuse investigations. Local OPP went to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in the 90s looking for documents after priests were accused of sexually abusing children in the area. Former bishop Eugene LaRocque has told the Cornwall Public Inquiry he only gave information to OPP officers when it was asked for. He admitted he did not show initiative by offering any more details. In fact, LaRocque testified he may not have even provided all the files requested but he says it may not have been intentional. Victims’ Group lawyer Rob Talach questioned LaRocque about that admission. (Hear audio clip below) The document did not mention Father Carl Stone ministered in New York State before ministering in Cornwall. Talach suggested that tid bit may have helped the OPP discover Stone had been convicted on sex related charges while he was in the United States.

[Transcript of audio clip:

MR. TALACH: . . . this is not complete in what you provided the OPP?

MSGR. LAROCQUE: In hindsight, yes, that’s correct.

MR. TALACH: And the difference with this example is this is an initiative; this is providing them with what they requested. And in this particular case, you left a piece out; right?

MSGR. LAROCQUE: I don’t believe it was intentional, but it’s obvious that it’s not there.]


Commissioner Joins Questioning Of Former Bishop

Cornwall News AM 1220

August 27, 2008 — The Commissioner heading the Cornwall Public Inquiry had a few words of wisdom for a former Cornwall bishop. Normand Glaude pressed former bishop Eugene LaRocque during yesterday’s hearing about his knowledge of a sex abuse allegation. While on the stand, Mr. LaRocque said Father Paul Lapierre admitted to abusing a boy. (Listen to part of the exchange between Commissioner Glaude and former bishop LaRocque below.) Mr. LaRocque says the case was already in the hands of the police. Lapierre was found guilty in a Quebec court nearly four years ago. He faced similar charges in Ontario but was found not guilty.

[Transcript of audio clip:

THE COMMISSIONER: You have sufficient evidence to report that Father Lapierre admitted to you that he had sexually abused this boy. . . . and you let this letter go.

MSGR. LAROCQUE: So I should have publicly denounced one of the priests that’s in my Diocese?

THE COMMISSIONER: Reported him to the police. It’s a criminal offence; isn’t it?


THE COMMISSIONER: Then why wouldn’t you?

MSGR. LAROCQUE: Because he was already in the hands of the police.]