Lapierre: Father Hollis Lapierre

Father Hollis Lapierre [No relation to Father Paul Lapierre.]

Good friend of fellow clerical paedophiles Fathers Paul Lapierre and Don Scott.

Named Father Don Scott as executor of his will which instructed Scott that upon his death (Hollis’) Scott was to destroy all the porn magazines and personal pornographic polaroid pictures Hollis kept tucked away and handy at the head of his bed. (Father Don Scott died of AIDS)

Sexually molested the same boy (Claude Marleau) who was molested by Fathers Don Scott and Paul Lapierre.  The same victim also alleged he was passed around like a used toy and sexually abused by Sandy Lawrence (organist and owner of music store, Roche Landry (owner of a butcher shop), Dr. Peachy and Fathers Kenneth Martin and Rene Dube.

Father Rejean testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry that in 1965 he was told by a 20-year-old that Father Hollis Lapierre plays around with kids.


The following limited information is that which I have on hand regarding Father Hollis Lapierre’s assignments and activities in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  As you can see it is far from an exhaustive account regarding which parishes he served in and when.

[Please note: In most dioceses parish rotations transpire in the Spring and/or Fall.  Information for annual directories (indicating which parish a priest is serving in) is submitted the Fall preceding publication – after the final round of rotations and parish assignments have been accomplished.  A change of parish in the intervening months pre-publication is not the norm but does happen  – such changes are therefore not conveyed in directories and generally explain apparent contradictions with information submitted from other sources.]

Ordained: 1949

1950 -1951: assisting at St. John Bosco Roman Catholic Church, Cornwall, Ontario (with Fathers Bruno and Pilon)

1951 – 1953:  assisting at St. Columban’s Roman Catholic Church, Cornwall, Ontario (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall) – with Pastor R. J. MacDonald and Father Leo MacDonnell

1954 -1955: assisting at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Alexandria, Ontario (pastor Father Emilien Houde)

1955 – 1961:   St. Catherine’s (St. Catherine of Sienna) Roman Catholic Church, Greenfield (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

 1956: one 1956 source lists Hollis Lapierre at Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cornwall (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall) so it seems that his stretch at St. Catherine’s was perhaps preceded by several months at Nativity in late 1955. (Information for directories is submitted in the preceding Fall after the final round of rotations and parish assignments have been accomplished.  A change of parish in the intervening months pre-publication is therefore not conveyed in directories.)

1967 – 1969:  Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church, Ingleside, Ontario (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

1973-1974:  Our Lady of Grace, Roman Catholic Church, Ingleside, Ontario (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

According to a history of the parish, Father Hollis Lapierre “always fostered a spirit of ecumenism” and introduced the “English Mass with Father Lapierre facing the congregation” early in 1965.”  [Note that the Second Vatican Council which was supposed to be the impetus for this liturgical novelty was not yet over, and there was nothing in the Council which called for or suggested Mass in English with the priest facing the Congregation.]

Died:  24 May 1975 (“suddenly and peacefully”)


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