Naming Names

Naming Names

By Dick Nadeau (R.I.P)

[The following is a small excerpt of Dick’s “Naming Names” which gives a little history of the Classical College, the names of three Viatorian priests who were sexually abusing young boys, and connections between the college and convicted paedophile “Killer Gagnon” and Crown Attorney Malcolm MacDonald]

. . . . My interest in the full disclosure of the pedophile network in Cornwall began as I developed my own case against the Cornwall Classical College and its priests. The College was created shortly after the War, and opened as le Collège classique de Cornwall on a private basis laying the foundation of a liberal arts course as desired by the then Bishop, Bishop Brodeur. The College provided both high school and from 1953, when it became affiliated with the University of Ottawa, post-secondary education, but only in liberal arts. During the early fifties, students attended classes in three houses located on Lawrence Street between Montreal Road and First Street East.

Martial (Killer) Gagnon was a well known pedophile in Cornwall`s East End and a close friend of the College, but especially to Rev. Paul Lapierre and Rev. Bérubé. To charge Father Bérubé with reckless endangerment, I had to prove that he knew that Killer was a pedophile when he told boys to spend weekends with him. He was charged in the late fifties and early sixties with sexual assaults but his case files have either disappeared from the archives or were destroyed. However, on checking with the Land Registry office as to the disposal of his property, since he had to get out of town, found that it had been transferred to Malcolm MacDonald for one dollar on January 31, 1964. The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder reported on January 21, 1964 the following:

“Given Probation on three counts. Martial Gagnon, formerly of Chevrier street, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent assault when he appeared yesterday in magistrates court here. He was given two years probation on the condition that he stay away from Cornwall”.

This was the first connection that I had found between the College and its priests with the larger group of pedophiles in Cornwall.

[In the article Nadeau notes that Cornwall lawyer Sean Adams inherited Malcolm MacDonald’s business after Malcolm’s death.

Adams was one of three lawyers (Adams, Malcolm MacDonald, Jacques Leduc) involved in the illegal $32,000 pay off of “D.S.” the former altar boy who alleged he had been sexually abused as a boy by Father Charles MacDonald.

Malcolm MacDonald, who died before facing sexual abuse charges, was the only one of the three charged with obstruction of justice. He received a conditional sentence]