Brodeur: Bishop Rosario Brodeur

Rosario BrodeurRosario Brodeur

Former Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria (now Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)  (served as bishop  mid 1941- to retirement 1966)  Was ordained as a diocesan priest for the Diocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba.

DOB:  30 October 1889 Acton Vale, PQ (Diocese St. Hyancithe)

17 June 1916: ordained St. Boniface, MB

(Studied in Boston, then at Sulpician seminary in Baltimore, then joined the Diocese of St. Boniface, MB)

30 June 1941: Consecrated Bishop at the Cathedral in St. Hyancithe, PQ. Served as Coadjutor bishop of Alexandria with right of succession.

27 July 1941: became the fourth bishop of Alexandria


Ordained 39 priests during his tenure as Bishop of Alexandria

Made an annual trek to Florida

Attended all sessions of the Second Vatican Council

1966: retired at age 75.  Succeeded by Bishop Adolphe Proulx (1967-1874)

After retirement lived in the Bishop’s palace, first during the tenure of Bishop Proulx and then that of Bishop Larocque.

07 February 1996: died, age 96.