Ostler: Father David Ostler

Father David Ostler

Brother of Father Gary Ostler .

Father David Ostler was ordained for the Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland in 1987 by Bishop Faber MacDonald, then bishop of Grand Falls, Newfoundland.  He served at St. Joseph’s Church in Gander from 1987-1989 (Pastor Father Edward Bromley), and as Pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Gambo from 1989-1992.

In the 1991 Canadian Catholic Directory Father David Ostler’s address is that of Saint John Bosco in Cornwall, Ontario (Pastor Father L. Rivet)-  he is still listed as incardinated in the Diocese of Grand Falls.

In the 1992 CCCD he is listed as Pastor at Saint Marguerite of Scotland in Glen Nevis (still incarinated in Grand Falls but now serving in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall).

In 1993 his incarination has been changed to Alexandria-Cornwall – he is still at St. Margaret of Scotland.

1994:   St. Margaret of Scotland.

1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000: Our Lady of Grace, Ingleside

2002:  Not listed in CCCD

Some time in the early 2000 Father Ostler relocated to the United States.  In 2005 he became incardinated in the Diocese of Phoenix, Arozona.

There are persons who allege they have seen Father David Ostler at Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage and/or Ken Seguin’s home.   It would seem from David Sheriff-Scott (Diocese) at the Cornwall Public Inquiry that Father Ostler denies being on those premises.

Prior to his departure for the United States Father Ostler spent time at Southdown.  According to Father Ostler and Bishop Paul Andre Durocher that was for a drinking problem.


Controversy in the Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona 

20 January 2008:  Our Lady of Lourdes bulletin cover (Father David Ostler)

Our Lady of Lourdes bulletin (cover).  Father David Ostler is pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes and Prince of Peace parishes in Sun City West. As you will see in the following documents it seems there are a number of problems in both parishes, not the least of which is parishioners’ concerns regarding Father David Ostler’s background.

10 January 2008:  Letter to “My dear brothers and sisters in Christ” from Father James Wall, Vicar of Priests, Diocese of Phoenix, Arizona.

10 January 2007:  Vicar of Priests Phoenix Diocese (re Father David Ostler)

15 January 2008:   email to Bishop Durocher re Father David Ostler and 16 January 2008 email response from Durocher

18 January 2008:    Father David Ostler to parishioners at Our Lady of Lourdes in response to anonymous letter


Inquiry-related documents and articles

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