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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall


March 2017:  Should the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall merge with the  Archdiocese of Ottawa?

October 2017:  Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese to merge with Ottawa Archdiocese?


SOUTHDOWN  (Viewed by many as Canada’s prima ‘treatment’ centre for priests)

Father John Loftus sj


1992From Pain to Hope:  Report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Child Sexual Abuse (Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops)

1999:  Commentary on From Pain to Hope

The Gang of Five

11 January 2010:  Nothing but nothing has changed

29 August 2008“Former Bishop Issues Apology” & related article

28 August 2008Bishop withheld documents, but complied with police requests

27 August 2008LaRocque ignored church protocols regarding accused priests (Larocque claims he knew Father Dube was “completely innocent” and hence did not suspend him.  Claims Fr Paul Lapierre to told him it was Father Don Scott, NOT Dube)

27 August 2008“Diocese Did Not Provide Police With All Information-LaRocque” & related article

26 August 2008Priest admitted he engaged in homosexual acts, says LaRocque

26 August 2008“It was never my intention to hurt you” – Inquiry

16 August 2008Former bishop provides some intriguing testimony

16 August 2008“Former bishop testifies at Cornwall inquiry” & related article

02 August 2008 Former bishop apologizes for statements at inquiry

02 August 2008Canadian bishops opposed settlement: Urged local bishop not to approve it

01 August 2008“Church Settlement May Not Have Happened: LaRocque” & related article

14 July 2008Church panel didn’t share tales of sex abuse (Leduc Deslaurier)

12 June 2008Priest admitted to gay ‘incident,’ not sex assault

30 January 2007Diocese Employee’s Name Not Protected

23 July 2008Church considered another payout (Leduc et al re Brisson pay-off)

31 January 2008: Get the facts please: bishop

26 January 2008: Persecution of Perry Dunlop shameful

16 January 2008:  Let’s not make Perry a martyr

30 August 2007: “Diocese Lawyer Questions Witness’ Expertise” and “Inquiry to hear from controversial priest”

29 November 2006:  Victim Wonders Why Diocese Escaped Investigation (Claude Marleau testimony)

28 November 2006:  Victim Says Eight Men Abused Him

27 November 2006: Unorthodox rules for Claude Marleau testimony (Diocese’s battle for publication ban on Father Rene Dube’s )

24 November 2006:  [More Delays – Cornwall Inquiry to run for another year] (The Diocese’s battle for  publication bans)

21 September 2006:  One Year Into Cornwall Inquiry Stonewall-Cover-Up Goes Higher (Re connections,  Inquiry costs & Father Frank Morrissey and now Father Jeff King advice to bishops in mid to late ’80s)

12 August 2006:  BLOG  Sometimes I hang my head in shame (reference Morrisey/King documents and Father Frank Morrisey speaking to clergy in diocese in mid to late ’80s)


Priests who testified as “experts” at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

– Father Frank Morrissey omi (Canon Lawyer)

– Father Tom Doyle op (canon lawyer)



Father David Ostler


Priest Charged Sued or Accused

  • MacDonald: Msgr. R. J. MacDonald
  • McPhail: Father John D. McPhail


Bishops of and from the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall

Click on links below for short bios on the bishops of or those who hailed from the Alexandria/Alexandria-Cornwall diocese (from 1941 only).

The sexual abuse which has plagued the diocese transpired while these men  were serving in the diocese as priests or under their watch as bishops. 

The information was obtained from various sources and is far from exhaustive. 

Rosario Brodeur  (1941- 1966)

William Smith (Ordained for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. Bishop of Pembroke, Ontario 1945-1971)

Jacques Landriault (Auxiliary Bishop Diocese of Alexandria 1962-1964.  ’64-’71 Bishop of Hearst; ’71-’90 Bishop of Timmins, ON.  Retired)

Joseph Aurele Plourde (Auxiliary Bishop Diocese of Alexandria 1964-1966. After he was installed as Archbishop of Ottawa and due to Bishop Brodeur’s poor health he continued to administer the diocese until June 1967 when Brodeur’s successor Adolphe Proulx was installed)

 Adolphe Proulx (1967-1974, then Bishop of Hull, Quebec)

Eugene Larocque (1974-2002.  Retired)

Paul Andre Durocher (2002-  2011.  November 2011 Archbishop of Gatineau, Quebec )

Luc Bouchard (ordained for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. Bishop of St. Paul Alberta 2001-2012.  March 2012 Bishop of Trois-Rivières, Quebec)


Diocesan Canon Lawyer charged


Other clergy, religious or laity who testified and/or have been referenced frequently

Victim of clerical sexual abuse




Relevant Documents

27 January 2001:  Dick Nadeau cited with Contempt of Court

2003: Justice Chadwick retires (pdf file)

24 July 2003:  Leduc’s first stay overturned by Ontario Court of Appeal

13 October 2003:  Cornwall takes its toll again – Crown Attorney Shelley Hallett is hung out to dry, first by Project Truth officers, then by Leduc defence and Justice Chadwick, and even, strangely enough, by the office of the AG

July 2004:  Law Society bestows honourary doctorate on Chadwick in recognition of his “outstanding service to the public and the legal profession.”

29 September 2004: Sworn statement of Perry Dunlop in response to Justice Plantana’s Order of Production during the second and final Leduc sexual abuse trial (PDF file)

29 September 2004:  List of documents turned over to Justice Plantana by Perry Dunlop (PDF file)

04 October 2004: Jacques Leduc “walks” (videofile)

02 March 2001: Dick Nadeau on Leduc trial #1

03 March 2001: Margaret Wente Junps to Leduc’s defence

March 2007: Justice Terrence Platana’s Cornwall connections

25 February 2008:  Reina Leduc (mother of Jacques Leduc) deceased