Redacted statement


Names and information which might identify the following person have been redacted.  I don’t believe this person was called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  I may be mistaken so will check.


Cornwall Ontario
D.O.B.  [redacted] 1965

My name is [redacted] I have resided in Cornwall most of my adult life. I am 31 years old and a mother of three boys. I am presently working at [redacted]. I knew Ken Seguin for approximatly ten years.

During this time I would go to Ken’s on the weekends, Christmas, and Sunday drives.
Some of the people that I remember being there were:

1. Father Charles MacDonald
2. Malcolm MacDonald
3. Ron Leroux
4. [C-8]
5. Al Laplante
6. Doug Seguin
7. Fern Touchette
8. Mark Menard
9. Harvey Berry Jr. (P2)

There were lots of other people there but I forget names. I remember that the night before Ken killed himself that he came over to the apartment that [redacted] and I were living in. I knew that he was getting phone calls from someone that were upsetting him, but on this night he seemed normal and in  fact I remember he pointed at the shirt he was wearing and said ” how do you like my new shirt [redacted] “. I was shocked when he killed himself.
I remember about eight or nine years ago I walked in on my two sons who were in their bedroom. [Redacted] would have been eight at the time and [redacted] would have been five. I was shocked when I walked in to find them going down on each other, they were sucking each other’s penis. I know that kids play doctor but this was too much. I questioned them about it, asking them who showed you that.

I found out that it was a  [redacted]. I also found out that there were three more victims, two boys and one girl. I contacted the Cornwall Police Force and Bob Trottier a male police officer with red hair came over to investigate. He told me that it would be tough to prove sexual assault given the age of the victims. I found this strange
as the girl that was assaulted was 12 years old. The police officer told me that it would not be worthwhile to proceed with this. He seemed to have a problem with even approching the suspect in the case. I was not pleased and in fact very upset.

I then went to Malcolm MacDonald to get an outside legal opinion as to how to proceed with this matter. Malcolm made me feel like that it was me who caused this whole
problem. He asked me if I had any poronographic material around the house. He asked me if the boys had ever walked in on [redacted] and I while we were making love. I answered no to both these questions. Malcolm never once asked me anything about the suspect in the case. He gave me nothing but negetive response’s and in fact told me to back off.

I then went to see Ken Seguin about this matter. He also said that it was not worthwhile proceeding and it would be hard to prove. I often wonder if Ken tried anything on my boys when they stayed overnight at Ken’s house in Summerstown as they had stayed over several times. I have often wanted to approach them on this matter but cannot seem to find the right time. This has been very hard on me, and bothers me to this day.

In the end police officer Bob Trottier had given me so much negitive feedback that I blew up at him for not doing anything I was very frustrated. I told him “you don’t know how I feel” and he responded by saying: “yes I do [redacted] “.

I make this statement of my own free will.

[Redacted]  11 December 1996