Perry Dunlop’s “Story” – Part 2

Perry Dunlop “Story”

Perry Dunlop’s Will State PART 2 (pp 29 – 56)

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WILL STATE – Constable Perry Dunlop

Cornwall Police Service                                               April 7, 2000

Where are these tapes now?


27. Early in November 1993 Chief of Police Claude Shaver announced his early retirement. Press and rumour mill sources state that he is given a “golden handshake” from the city consisting of two hundred thousand dollars, a car plus all premiums on his pension until he reaches sixty years old.

28. On November 25, 1993, Ken Seguin committed suicide. I have been told, and do verily believe that Ken Seguin knew that the potential for him being exposed as a pedophile was increasing and imminent .

I have been told that on November 24, 1993, victim D.S. called Cornwall Police Station to advise the Station Duty Officer Staff Sergeant Dupuis, that he feared for his life, and further, if he was killed in the near future, that the prime suspects would be Ken Seguin and Father Charles MacDonald.

(Book One – Tab 9) PAGE 287, 288, 289

Evidence Book 4, Staff Sergeant Derouchie’s notes.

Here is an excerpt from the mentioned notes of S/SGT Derouchie: November 25/93

I received a telephone call from S/Sgt Dupuis he advised me of the following;

1) D.S. had called the Service on Wednesday night at about 9:00 P.M. He spoke to S/Sgt. Dupuis and advised him that he wanted a report on file that he was involved in a civil action involving several people and sexual abuse. He said he was seeking a large sum of money and that if he did not get it within 48 hours that he was going to the press. He further told Dupuis that if anything happened to him that Ken Seguin and Charlie should be considered suspects. He said that reputations are at stake including that of a Judge.

2) I was informed that Ken Seguin had apparently committed suicide at his home in Summerstown.


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29. I have been advised that prior to Ken Seguin committing suicide, that he along with Father Charles MacDonald and Malcolm MacDonald openly discussed plans to kill me, my wife and my three children. I have been told that I was hated by these men for exposing this case.

I have no doubt that if I had not stumbled onto this case, reported findings to the Children’s Aid Society as mandated by law, that this case would have remained hidden.

Children in the Cornwall area would still be at risk of being assaulted. I can back this statement up by Affidavit Evidence, that was given in the context of my Police Act trial, by Doctor John Bradford who is a leading expert in the field of sexual abuse predators.

(Book One – Tab 10)

30. On November 25, 1993, I was at a restaurant in Cornwall, eating dinner with a Crown Attorney, an Ontario Provincial Police Officer and a professional Engineer. Two Ontario Provincial Police Officers (Randy Millar & Chris McDonnell) entered the restaurant, came over to me and told me that Ken Seguin had committed suicide. The body had been located at his residence this date.

The officers told me that they had visited my residence in order to locate me. The officers asked me if I had a copy of the D.S. victim statement. I told them that 1 did. The officers wanted to obtain a copy from me as they felt that the Cornwall Police may not be willing to provide the said statement. I agreed to do so, and the following day they came to my residence and I provided them with a copy of the statement.


31. I have been informed that, on October 7, 1993, Deputy Chief St. Denis requested that Staff Sergeant Derouchie investigate my involvement in providing Children’s Aid Society with a copy of the victim’s statement. This information is set out in the statement by Staff Sergeant Derochie given in the context of the

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Board of Inquiry under the Police Services Act.

32. in reading Staff Sergeant Brunet’s statement, I have been informed that on October 7, 1993, Chief Shaver and Staff Sergeant Brunet met with the Archbishop in Ottawa, the representative of the Pope in Canada. Later that same day, Chief Shaver and Staff Sergeant Brunet also had a meeting with Bishop Larocque in Cornwall. I have been informed that the Bishop confirmed that Father Charles MacDonald admitted to the Bishop he was a homosexual. Father Charles MacDonald left St. Andrews Church 20 days after I became involved with the case. He left in the middle of the night without notice.

33. In reading the witness statement by Staff Sergeant Derochie, I have been informed that Staff Sergeant Derochie met with Chief Shaver and Deputy Chief St. Denis on or about October 14, 1993 to discuss my actions in disclosing the victim’s statement to the Children’s Aid Society. It was determined at this meeting that no charges under the Police Services Act would be laid against me.

34. As a result of reviewing Staff Sergeant Derochie’s statement, I have been informed that Chief Shaver had decided that, as of October 15, 1993, I would not be disciplined for my actions in releasing the victim’s statement to the Children’s Aid Society, yet investigation into my action continued extensively and indefinitely.

35. As a result of reviewing Staff Sergeant Derochie’s statement, I have been informed that Staff Sergeant Derochie completed his investigation into my conduct on January 4, 1994 after receiving the results of two related Ontario Provincial Police investigations. On January 7, 1994 he submitted his report to acting Chief Carl Johnston on my involvement in providing a copy of the victim’s statement to the Children’s Aid Society. The conclusion of that report was that he had uncovered no evidence to suggest that my motives in providing the Children’s Aid Society with a copy of the victim’s statement were other than out of concern for the safety of the community. He concluded that no discipline should be imposed.

36. I have learned that from the time I first gained knowledge of this file, investigations into my actions never ceased. To the best of my knowledge, no other police officer on the Cornwall Police Force was ever investigated in regards to this case. The investigational direction, along with all of the tax payers money

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should have been focussed on the allegations of child sex abuse. Time, money and energy spent, should have been invested on the real problem, not investigating me.

37. On December 16, 1993 Constable Levere told me at the end of day shift that during our tour D.S. called headquarters and wanted to know why police were not acting on his case. He said: “There is a dead man, and an accused priest has been moved from the Cornwall area. What does it take to get action?” He stated to Constable Levere that if nothing was done, he was going to the press. He stated that the Ottawa Citizen already knew about the case. Constable Levere asked him to wait, while he got one of the investigating officers.

Constable Levere attempted to inform Staff Sergeant Derouchie. The call was transferred to Staff Sergeant Derouchie but D.S. hung up.

38. In January 1994 I booked off work. At this time I felt very ostracized by my force. Tension, and rumours were at an all time high. I was concerned for my safety. I felt that I was the focal point of the entire mess. I knew that I had done the right thing but I felt that my superiors within the Police Service were coming down on me with relentless and malicious force.

I was not resting on days off. I had lost interest in things that I normally enjoyed. I was feeling very anxious, my mind was racing, wondering why I was being made to feel like the bad guy. I felt guilty for putting my wife and family through this. It was like a roller coaster ride out of control. The case occupied every moment of my day and night. I felt that I had zero support at work and worse yet that I was being made the scapegoat in this entire sorted affair. My life had been invaded.

39. My sick record up to this point in my career (1994) was beyond reproach, to the point that it was mentioned by superior officers that it was an area I should be commended on. My work evaluations speak for themselves and will be made available to the court.

I am a veteran officer with the Cornwall Police Service who has been assigned to uniform, criminal investigations, the drug unit, criminal intelligence and undercover operations. However, in January 1994 I began to feel like nothing mattered to my Service. I was expendable and the pressure brought on by this case was unbearable. I have attached my work records, evaluations and commendations.

(Book One – Tab 11)

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40. In January 1994, details of the story emerged in the Ottawa media. The Liberal justice critic, Robert Chiarelli, on two different occasions, asked then Attorney General Marion Boyd to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate allegations of a cover-up in Cornwall. For several months, I was investigated by my own police department and many of my colleagues ostracized me. I was under a great deal of pressure from both my employer and the media.

As of January, 1994, I went on disability leave. This leave continued until May of 1997.

41. In February 1994 I received a copy of a citizen’s complaint and investigation that was completed by Inspector Wells. The complaint centred around the fact that I had disclosed the original victim’s (D.S.) statement to Children’s Aid Society. I have been informed that D.S. went to the Cornwall Police to complain about his statement being released to the media.

I have been informed that D.S. had no problem with his statement being given to the Children’s Aid Society as D.S. had already been interviewed by the Children’s Aid Society.

Inspector Brendon Wells, with the backing of senior management used the citizens complaint as a vehicle and tactic to manufacture unjust Police Services Act charges to shut me down and indicate to me that they were in full control of the outcome of this case.

42. In March 1994 I applied to Sunlife Insurance Company for long term disability, a benefit that was negotiated by our Police Association through our collective agreement with the Cornwall Police Services Board. I was not given this benefit until August 1994.

After complying with every aspect, Sunlife requested, I was forced to the brink of financial disaster before the benefit was granted.

During my long term disability leave I was cut off from my benefits for a non medical reason. I have had to fight every inch of the way for benefits. At no time did the Cornwall Police Service Board take an active role in making sure that my family and I were being taken care of. I have been forced to exhaust every bit of time that I accumulated during the course of my career. This amounts to hundreds of hours of leave.
(Book One – Tab 12)

43. Friday, April 24, 1994 – A major story breaks in local and national media that I am being sued for going to CAS and media.

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44. Thursday April 28, 1994 – I received a hand delivered letter from a Cornwall Police Service Constable. The letter was from the Insurance Company, Scottish and York.

This insurance company represents the Police Services Board as well as the City of Cornwall. The letter indicated to me that I should retain my own Counsel as there was an issue that I may have breached Force policy. I was shocked by this letter and felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

I received a constant barrage of letters and zero support. I was finally granted a lawyer by the city to represent me in the D.S. civil suit.

At a pre-discoveries meeting with the lawyer provided by Scottish and York I informed Peter Hagen from the law firm of Solway Wright located in the city of Ottawa, that if I was placed on record, on the stand that several other police officers from the Cornwall Police Service would be needing counsel as they would be facing possible criminal charges, disciplinary action, or civil action.

Not long after that meeting, the civil suit was settled by the Cornwall Police Services Board.
(Book One – Tab 13)

45. Tuesday, May 3, 1994 – Sergeant Lortie came over to my house and stated that the Police Association would fight insurance coverage issue. He stated he has been assured that no Police Act charges are coming. Deputy Chief St. Denis had told him that time after time with the new Chief Johnston present during these conversations/meetings.

46. May 9, 1994 – I was served formal papers of civil suit. The first victim D.S. had filed a suit against my Force, Children’s Aid Society, as well as named individuals including myself.

47. May 14, 1994 – 11 days since Sgt Lortie had told me via senior administration no charges were coming, I was served notice of a Public Board of Inquiry by Staff Sergeant Derochie including the Police Services Act charges.

1. Discreditable Conduct: “did act in a disorderly manner, or in a manner prejudicial to discipline or likely to bring discredit upon the reputation of the Police Force, in that …you did provide a copy of a statement to…a representative of the Children’s Aid Society.”

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2. Breach of Confidence: “you did divulge a matter which it was your duty to keep secret”

3. Breach of Confidence: “without proper authority, show to Mr. Richard Abell, a representative of the Children’s Aid Society, being a person who is not a member of the Cornwall Police Service, a statement obtained from (“D.S.”)”

48. The circumstances surrounding these charges and the alleged cover-up by the Cornwall Police became an issue in both the local and national media. The CBC “5th Estate” broadcasted a 30 minute piece nationally, in December 1995, again in the summer of 1996 and most recently in February of 1997.

Mr. John Cleary Member of Provincial Parliament presented a petition signed by more than 9,400 citizens from Cornwall, to the Ontario Legislature in November of 1995 in support of my actions to protect children from sexual abuse.

49. Media attention has been extensive on this case. I currently have in my possession four volumes of press clippings containing 300 pages. Television, newspapers, magazines and radio nationally as well as locally, have all covered the story during the past seven years.

Front and centre is always the fact that I leaked a document to the Children’s Aid Society.


Often the headline is “the Dunlop story”. The attention, situation and circumstances surrounding this case have caused incredible stress and great strain on my personal life and that of my family.

50. A Board of Inquiry was convened in Ottawa in September of 1994. At this Inquiry, the Cornwall Police Services Board was represented by a lawyer they had retained to act on their behalf and ask for standing in the Inquiry. The lawyer John Callaghan, wanted to assist the police Complaints Commission lawyer in a multiple prosecution role. Chief of Police Johnston had a great

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concern that I had gone to the Children’s Aid Society and by-passed the chain of command. The fact is, that I did attempt to seek guidance and assistance from my superiors about my concerns.

It is my understanding (from the Law firm of Nelligan Power) as a police officer that the Chief, if he felt that I violated a law then he should have charged me with separate charges under the Police Services Act or the Criminal Code.


SEPTEMBER 23, 1994

Included here for information and background information.

Mr. Calaghan, lawyer for the Cornwall Police Services Board at page 9, paragraph 30 addressing the Board of Inquiry:

“Clearly, the Police Services Board takes the position that a senior officer advised him not to disclose the information. The following day September 30th, the actual document is handed over to The Children’s Aid Society, which raises the general issue—”

Mr. Calaghan at page 14, paragraph 10 addressing the Board of Inquiry:

“Well, there is an additional reason, the reason is basically the issue that ties into the transfer of the information to outside agencies as stated by the Chief’s Affidavit. There is a protocol with the Children’s Aid Society, and that protocol ought to be followed and the Board ought to be heard on its relationship with outside agencies and how members of the Force ought to be dealing with outside agencies, as opposed to what Constable Dunlop did and how he felt it should be done.”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 14, paragraph 25:

“This is not the Inquiry that we are conducting though, is it?

Mr. Calaghan at page 14, paragraph 25 addressing the Board of Inquiry:

“It is, in my respectful submission, an issue that comes up in the Inquiry because Constable Dunlop seeks the protection of a particular Act to release information to an outside agency. He will also, as I understand it, also seek the protection of

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the Police Services Act in and of itself for the release of that information, and the Police Services Board who has jurisdiction over that information ought to have some say on how it is released, and they should have some input into this hearing. In so far as what this Board will be is setting a precedent as to how members of a police department may release information to outside agencies.”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 15, paragraph 10:

“Very well. Thank you, Mr. Callaghan. Mr. O’Brien, I understand that you take no position on that, or you just do not have an objection?”

Mr. Al O’Brien (Defence Counsel for Constable Dunlop) Page 15, paragraph 15:

“That is what I indicated to my friend, but I do not want my silence to be misunderstood on one point. It is our position that there is no issue before this Board that Constable Perry Dunlop disobeyed any order.”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 15, paragraph 20:

“That is because of the reading of the statement of Alleged Misconduct?”

Mr. Al O’Brien (defence council for Constable Dunlop) Page 15, paragraph 25:

“Absolutely. And you can say the third charge, if you put it that way, deals with releasing it without proper authority. It is a long leap from suggesting without proper authority to now suggest that it was contrary to a specific order, And that matter is not before this Board.”

Mr. Calaghan at page 20, paragraph 30 addressing the Board of Inquiry:

“I know the Cornwall Police Services Board takes the release of the information quite seriously and wants to ensure—”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 21, paragraph 5:

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“I would have thought that they had chosen to institute proceedings against Constable Dunlop specifically because of that.”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 60, paragraph 20:

“So what you are saying — just let me stop you right there, because it may be something that just answered my previous concern. So what you are saying is, because of this general obligation to uphold the law if he comes across the part of information during the course of, even his coincidental presence at the Police Station, then he becomes a Peace Officer who performs professional or official duties with respect to a child.”

Mr. AI O’Brien (Defence Counsel for Constable Dunlop) Page 60, paragraph 30:

“Absolutely. I would say so, confidentially, I guess. But it is absolutely so. If in the course of one investigation Constable Dunlop learned all of this and then didn’t act upon it–just sort of said, “Oh well, I’m just doing this investigation. I have learned all of this and I am not going to report it to the CAS…”

“We would be right back here, and you would be dealing with a complaint against Constable Dunlop for failure to do exactly what he did. And I submit that is transparent of what this case would be.”

The Chairman of the Board of Inquiry, Mr. Tufman at page 61, paragraph 30:

“Then your response to whatever Mr. Calaghan is going to say, you will ” We don’t care if the Chief jumped up 25 times and told him not to report it, he had a statutory duty to do that anyway.”

Mr. Al O’Brien (Defence Counsel for Constable Dunlop) Page 62, paragraph 1:

” Absolutely. I don’t care what the Cornwall Police Services Board set out as their guidelines and their protocol. It is irrelevant to these proceedings, because the legislature says, ” Perry Dunlop, you have this duty”. And probably going to sentence, he could say, ” Well I was ordered to do this, and therefore my hands were tied”. But he still would be in breach of his duty.

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Mr, Al O’Brien (Defence Counsel for Constable Dunlop) Page 65, paragraph 20:

“…I think we all understand, is that a Peace Officer’s obligations aren’t limited to assigned tasks. When he has information that leads him to believe that, as in this case, there would be an ongoing sexual abuse or exploitation, he has a duty to act, whether he is on duty, off duty, whether he has learned it from an assignment or information acquired.”


Again I watched as the D.S. complaint was being used as an improper way of taking a direct shot at me. The Police Services Board compiled their own motion record indicating that the allegations of misconduct raised issues of general importance to the Cornwall Police Services Board.

51. All Police Act charges against me were dismissed at the Board of Inquiry. The hearing was in Ottawa, in September of 1994. The decision from this Board of Inquiry was handed down in my favour on the 31st January 1995. The case was carried further. The Ontario Court, General Division heard the appeal on the 23 of November 1995. The appeal was dismissed. I was completely exonerated. I have attached the Board of Inquiry, the Ontario Court, General Division decisions as well as the cited case from the Ontario Reports.
(Book One – Tab 14)

52. I have been advised and do verily believe that Inspector Wells was contemplating further charges under the Police Services Act in September of 1994. During this time he advised then Chief Johnston that it was his opinion that I released information at my Board of Inquiry hearing that constituted the charges of breach of confidence as well as discreditable conduct. I was quoted by the press as saying ” I did it to save the kids”. It was only after a strong letter from my Counsel that Inspector Wells and senior management backed off.

(Book One – Tab 15)

53. Not to be deterred from further harassing me, Inspector Wells took a complaint from Douglas Seguin the brother of Ken Seguin.

Ken Seguin is the probation officer who committed suicide November 23 1993. In November of 1994 Inspector Wells took the statement complaint of Douglas Seguin. Inspector Wells had already taken statements from Doug and Nancy Seguin during the

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course of the D.S. investigation. The complaint and investigation was a duplicate of the D.S. complaint.

The complaint had absolutely no credence whatsoever. It did however provide Inspector Wells with yet another vehicle/weapon to take a shot at me. Inspector Wells completed the final report in March 1995. It was not until February 1996 that the Police Complaints Commissioner Gerald S. Lapkin decided no further action was warranted. Again more stress piled up from 1994-1996, as two years pass, over an issue that had absolutely no substance.

(Book Two – Tab 1)

54. Christmas Eve 1994, after a year long investigation, the Ontario Provincial Police made a press release that there were no grounds to charge the priest, Father Charles MacDonald.

(Book Two – Tab 2)

55. In February of 1995 lawyer Malcolm MacDonald who represented the priest, Father Charles Macdonald, was charged with Obstruct Justice by the Ontario Provincial Police as a result of his participation in the $32,000 settlement received by the victim “D.S.”

Malcolm Macdonald, Queens Counsel and former Federal Crown Attorney plead guilty in an Ottawa court and received an absolute discharge. The sentence was not appealed.


56. In August of 1995, a Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services probation officer, Nelson Barque, was sentenced to four months in jail after being found guilty of sexual assault charge of a minor. At Barque’s sentencing, the victim in the case made reference to Ken Seguin. He said when the incident happened he didn’t know what to do, and went to Barque’s supervisor, who was Ken Seguin. Subsequently he was assaulted by Ken Seguin. Nelson Barque and Ken Seguin both committed suicide.

57. In March of 1996, the priest Charles MacDonald was finally charged by the Ontario Provincial Police with seven counts of sexual assault on three altar boys including the first victim “D.S.” Father Charles MacDonald is currently scheduled for court starting in May 2000.

58. In June of 1996, I commenced a civil action against the Cornwall Police Service and the Roman Catholic Church as well as other named individuals. This suit

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alleges malicious prosecution, negligence, abuse of process and defamation and is an attempt on my part to regain the quality of life my family and I enjoyed prior to September 1993.

59. On July 3rd 1996, Miss Laurie Rupert plead guilty to uttering death threats against my seven year old daughter Marlee, Section 264.1 (1) (a) of the Criminal Code, as well as failing to comply with condition by coming within 500 metres of my residence. I do verily believe that what caused her to become fixated with myself as well as my family was the media coverage. Rupert had threatened me in December of 1995 at which time a police report was completed. Had I not been charged and prosecuted, my name as well as my family’s name would not have been published. We were not advised of her court appearance and subsequent release. We had no input.

60. Extensive media coverage, community support locally and nationally, as well as a good reputation as a police officer and concerned citizen, has given sexual assault victims reason to trust me personally.

Beginning in June, 1996 and continuing to the present, / have been contacted by dozens of victims. These victims name numerous suspects, all current or prior residents of the Cornwall area.

Some victims call and tell me horrific stories of sexual abuse and do not leave a name.

Some victims call and indicate they were sexually assaulted at the probation office.

Some victims were sexually assaulted at 340 Pitt street, the justice building.

Some victims call and just cry.

Some victims call intoxicated and they are at the end of their rope.

Some victims mail or leave anonymous letters in my mail box.

Some victims told me of their abuse and begged me not to tell anyone.

Some victims have not even told their closest friend or family member about the abuse.

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Some parents call, mothers and fathers and just want advice.

Many people in the community call and offer words of encouragement.

Most people call me because / am an ear that will listen.

I have received letters from across Canada and the United States,

I have not and do not keep track of every call or contact, it would be an impossibility.


In December 1995 – I was at the Blue Anchor bar in Glen Walter just east of Cornwall. It was at this bar that Tim Samson, the brother of a police officer that works for our service indicated there is a guy who would like to speak with you sometime. Samson wrote down the name and phone number of the person and left it at that.


On Sunday June 9th 1996 – I met with C-8. I had made contact by phone. This was the first time that I had ever met C-8. The meeting took place at 9:30 a.m. at his residence XXXXXX. The civic number is XXXXX. His house is on XXXXX facing the river with an unobstructed view. His phone number is XXX-XXXX.

C-8 was on the phone as I walked towards the house. On the garage was a sign “XXXXXX”. There was a large Rottweiler dog in a pen on the west side of the house. I told him that he had a nice place. We went to the kitchen and he offered me a coffee. We spoke about the problems of theft of boats in the area. He showed me that his boathouse was alarmed and that he had taken precautions to ensure nothing could be stolen.

C-8 is 31, greying hair, 185-200 tbs. His girlfriend Louise had just moved out the previous weekend after two years. Prior to that he dated Lisa Kaneb.

C-8 took me out on the deck at the house. He showed me the boat in the boathouse and how he had made up bars so no one could swim up under the

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boathouse and get the boat. From there we went onto the top of the boathouse, There were several white chairs and a picnic table.

As we sat there I again told him how nice his house was. We then began to speak about the case. I told him that Tim Samson had approached me in December of 1995 at the Blue Anchor and indicated that you would like to speak with me. I told him that I had thought about stopping in on occasion when I was in the area, but I was just not sure where he was located.

He then said, “Tell me what you know and I will fill you in.” I went through my involvement with the case and how it had transpired.

He then began to speak. He indicated to me that he was an alter boy at St. Columban’s Church when he was 13-15 years old. He indicated that Father Charles MacDonald had assaulted him, but he did not give any details at this time. It was around this time in his life that his dad died, it was the last time that he served as an alter boy.

He indicated that the house which he is living in now was originally his father’s house and he moved here about 15 years ago.

He advised me that Ken Seguin was a homosexual and that Malcolm MacDonald and Father Charles MacDonald were at Ken’s cottage (house) all the time.

I asked C-8 where Seguin lived. He indicated a residence [XXXXXXX]. Civic number XXXXX.

The houses in this area are very close together. He indicated that from where we were standing you could also see Malcolm Macdonald’s cottage on Stanley Island in the St. Lawrence River.

1 asked him if he had ever seen Chief of Police Claude Shaver at Ken Seguin’s house. He indicated yes, that Claude Shaver and Ken Seguin were good friends.

He indicated that Ron Leroux had found Ken Seguin’s body after the suicide. Indications were that Ron had spent 2-3 hours at Seguin’s house on the night prior to the suicide. He indicated that Ron Leroux knew the whole circle of friends. It was revealed that C-8, Ron Leroux and Malcolm MacDonald had all gone to Florida together. I then learned that Ron Wilson, the Chair of the Cornwall Police Service Board, was also travelling with this group of males. It was indicated at this time that these men would meet at Harv’s Diner on Pitt

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Street in Cornwall for breakfast and lunch. The former owner of the diner, Harvey Latour, has been charged by Project Truth for sexual assault of a young person.

C-8 indicated that he had watched “The 5th Estate.” I asked C-8 again if he was sure that Chief Claude Shaver of the Cornwall Police Service was seen at Ken Seguins. C-8 described Claude Shaver to me. C-8 recalls Ron Leroux telling him Claude Shaver was the Chief of Police in Cornwall.

C-8 spoke to me about his life, relationships and growing up.

C-8’s indications over and over were that a lot of people knew what was going on at Ken Seguin’s house.

I was able to get a few more names from C-8 at this meeting. We went for breakfast at Bob Auline’s, a restaurant in Cornwall.

He indicated to me that he was willing to go to court and testify even if it ruined his business. He indicated that Malcolm MacDonald used to show him pictures of naked men and boys. Indications were that often when C-8 would go over to Ken Seguin’s house that there would be several boys there with men.

C-8 indicated that the reason that Malcolm MacDonald got out of his law practice was that he knew what was coming. Investigations and possibly charges.

C-8 indicated that Ron Leroux now lives in Maine. I recall C-8 said the name of the city. He indicated that Ron Leroux was full of knowledge on the situation but would not speak unless subpoenaed to court. C-8 was also full of knowledge. He lived in close proximity to the players for fifteen years. I found C-8 to be creditable, sharp, polite and sincere. He appeared to be a hard working young man.

It became clear to me that Ron Leroux was the inside man. He was the operator who ran with these players. He was the U/C operator of the pedophile world. Although I had never met him as of this time I believed that he was also a pedophile.

I now had established some obvious friendship connections between;

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– Claude Shaver – Chief Constable of the Cornwall Police Service for ten years.

– Malcolm MacDonald – former Federal Crown Attorney and Lawyer.

– Ken Seguin – Probation Officer Cornwall and area for twenty-five years.

– Father Charles MacDonald – Roman Catholic Priest.

I also had two other names passed on that day although I never spoke to either one. The name Doug Seguin, Ken’s brother and Joss VanDeepan, a Probation Officer in the City of Cornwall.

10th June 1996 – Spoke to C-8 about his personal life. He had called my residence to leave a message.

20th June 1996 – Spoke to Carol Deschamps [XXX XXXX]

Carol is the sister of the Renshaw boys, Gerry, Robert and Fred. I had never met her prior to this date. She indicated that she knew Ken Seguin very well and had been to his house on several occasions. Carol recalls observing Chief Claude Shaver and Malcolm MacDonald at Ken Seguin’s house. Carol recalls the year as being 1988 when she made this observation. It was again learned at this time that these men would vacation together in Florida.

20th June 1996 – Spoke to lawyer Wendy Rogers from Ottawa re: Albert Roy. I wanted to view his civil suit with permission from all parties-no problem

11th September 1996 – Met with C-8. I wanted to know where Ron Leroux lived. I learned that he lived in Norway, Maine with his wife Cindy and two children. I was able to get a phone number 1-207-743-9563. I learned again that C-8 was an alter boy from the age of twelve years. I learned that C-8 went to Florida with Malcolm and Ken. Malcolm had pictures of naked men. Some were middle age, teens and some were younger. It was indicated at this time that C-8 recognized some of the males as probationers. I reconfirmed that the civic number on Seguin’s house was 18982. I also learned that Jack Martel from a tractor sales place on Boundary Road was at Ken

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Seguin’s a lot. I noted again the fact that Ron Leroux was the last person to see Ken alive and the first one to find him dead.

I was able to get an address for Doug MacDonald, 414 Pitt Street.

Noted at this time-Ann Bellefeuille, lawyer, 340 Second Street East Cornwall. She had indicated that in September of 1993 she had observed Ken Seguin, Malcolm MacDonald and Father Charles MacDonald out on the St. Lawrence River near Summerstown. They
were in a boat with three young males. Information was that the older men were wearing speedo bathing suits, and the sight alone was rather sickening.

This would indicate to me that these men were carrying on business as usual.

I did at this time make a contact with Rachel Leduc, Chief Shaver’s former wife. She was willing to talk to me on the phone and agreed to a meeting the following day. The following morning she called. Her demeanour had changed drastically. She indicated that she had been up all night thinking about the meeting. She was genuinely concerned about my predicament and the safety of my family. The message I got was that she feared for her safety if she spoke to me. She was scared of Claude Shaver, that was made clear.

30th September 1996 – D.S. and J.M attend my house. At 2:15 we meet in the King George Restaurant with Doug MacDonald. Also present was Steve Ingram. Doug indicated that he was a victim of abuse at Alfred Training School. As well, Ken Seguin had abused him while he was a young person on probation. We set up a meeting for October 1st 1996 at Lamoureux Park

1st October 1996 – Met Doug MacDonad in Lamoureux Park obtained a statement from him. Statement has been disclosed.

3rd October 1996 – Had a conversation with Cindy Leroux. Spoke to Ron Leroux.

3rd October 1996 – Spoke to Travis Varley. Indications were that Ken Seguin openly stated he was a homosexual. He stated this in front of Bob Varley, Brian MacDonald and Andrew MacDonald.

Indications were that Ken Seguin would have the boy’s over for beer/drinks. In fact, on the day Travis Varley accidentally shot his cousin Andrew MacDonald in

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Summerstown, he had been drinking at Seguin’s with Mark Woods, Bob Varley and Andrew MacDonald. At the time Woods was on probation. One of the conditions was no alcohol. It was common knowledge that you could go over to Ken Seguin’s anytime for a beer.

I was given the name of Brian MacDonald who may be able to help out with further names and details.


It should be noted that I helped pull Varley’s boat to safety from the St. Lawrence river this summer 1999. I can’t remember the date but I spoke to him briefly a few days later and he indicated that he too had been a victim of Ken Seguin.

4th October 1996 – Spoke to Karl Stone, XX XXX Street Cornwall. Indications were that he used to go to Ken Seguin’s to drink with Dave Merpaw and Ken Seguin. Both males were on probation at that time. There was always a wonderment by Karl and Dave, as to why the police never said anything to Seguin about all the probationers that frequented Ken’s residence. From this encounter, I got the name of Albert Ferguson, a possible victim. I never spoke to Albert.

My notes indicate I wrote down a list of people to speak to. The list included; Mark Menard, Harvey Berry Jr. Gerry Renshaw, David Merpaw, Perry C-5, Debbie Ouderkirk and C-8.

7th October 1996 – I travelled to Norway, Maine in the United States of America. I went to Ron Leroux’s house. He was there with his wife Cindy and her sister Debbie. We all watched the CBC Fifth Estate show that was aired about the case. Ron and I then spoke in an upstairs games room. Indications were made at this time that there were several people that visited at Ken Seguin’s place. Names included Mark Menard, Charles MacDonald, Father David Ostler, Gino?, David ? (I believe now that he was speaking about David Latrielle a serviceman in the Canadian armed forces) Father Kevin Maloney, Ron Wilson, Brian MacDonald and Gerry Renshaw.

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Maine October 10 -11

Met with Ron Leroux. He tells me that he remembers Claude Shaver being at Ken Seguin’s house. He said that he specifically remembered Claude Shaver, Ron Wilson, Ken Seguin, Malcolm MacDonald and Father Charles MacDonald. Bishop Larocque was also at the meeting. Ron indicates that Joss VanDeepan probation officer) knew what was going on. Ron indicated that at Ken Seguin’s funeral Malcolm approached him and told him to keep his mouth shut. Ron Leroux also met with Ron Wilson(who was then the Chair of the Cornwall Police Service Board) at “Wilson’s Funeral Home” after Ken Seguin’s funeral service. Wilson indicated that they were all in it up to their necks and they will get to the bottom of this.

Ron Leroux indicated that Ken Seguin had watched a movie called “Jack the Ripper Returns”, about three days before he killed himself.

I was given the impression by Ron Leroux that the movie contained a suicide that was in similar fashion to Ken Seguin’s own suicide.

The names Dan and Sylvan Flipson also came up in our conversations as possible victims of Charles MacDonald. The two names mentioned above were from the Williamstown area and somehow connected to the Alfred Vogel farm in that area.


15th October 1996 – I spoke to a lawyer from Camden, New Jersey, Steven Rubino. He currently has a class action law suit going against the Catholic Church and indicated that secret archived files can be retrieved from the church by presenting a motion. I inquired about sexual assaults of this nature as he seemed to be well versed on the subject. He indicated that it was a way of life, either the priests participated or turned a blind eye.

17th October 1996 – met with Carole Deschamps

31st October 1996 – I took a statement from Ron Leroux

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28th October 1996 – 7:30 P.M. – Spoke to Ron and Cindy Leroux by phone. All O.K. He was coming back to Canada next month for an affidavit.

7th November 1996- Spoke to Rene Brazeau. He indicated to me that he was assaulted as a young male while he was in Laurencrest Boys Home in Cornwall. He indicated that the man who assaulted him was Brian Dufour. Brian Dufour was employed at Laurencrest as some sort of councillor. He indicated that Carl Latham was the Director of Laurencrest at the relevant times. He indicated that Brian Dufour was in the Toronto area still involved in a child care situation. I informed him to go to PROJECT TRUTH and advise them. I believe he did.

11th November 1996 – Met Ron Leroux in Aurora. Indicates that Marcel Lalonde is a molester of boys, teaches at Bishop McDonnell.


Ron Leroux advised me that Ken Seguin was going to give D.S $15,000 and Malcolm MacDonald was going to put the deal together.

D.S. was calling Ken Seguin and Ken was getting nervous prior to his suicide.

Ron Leroux indicates that Ken Seguin would meet Canadian probationary boys in Florida.

Ron Leroux indicates that Fern Touchette saw a lot of boys come and go from Ken Seguin’s dock on the St. Lawrence River to Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage on Stanley Island. Fern Touchette was Ken Seguin’s neighbour to the east on Highway # 2.

On this date I went over the plans that had been made to have my family and I killed. I wanted to make sure I had the sequence right and test Ron Leroux’s memory.

The incident took place sometime in November prior to Ken Seguin killing himself.

The incident took place in Ken Seguin’s house. Present were Malcolm MacDonald, Ken Seguin, Father Charles MacDonald and Ron Leroux. The conversation went as follows:

Malcolm -“That son of a bitch should be shot.”

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Father Charles MacDonald-“Should be shot, I want him shot.” Malcolm -“The whole family should be shot.”

Ken Seguin was shaken and nervous.

Malcolm -“Kill the son of a bitch”

The next day at Harv’s Diner on Pitt Street in Cornwall

Malcolm -“I’m the guy who can handle it”

Ken Seguin – Mentions something about Dunlop

Malcolm – “No more Ken, not here”

Ken’s House next day;

Ken Seguin – Nervous. Only slept for half an hour, blue as tea pot. The above statement is an observation made by Ron Leroux.

Ken – ” I don’t deserve to live I don’t understand these guys, they want to kill a cop.”

Ron Leroux – “I said,”Dunlop”

Ken Seguin -” Malcolm’s going to straighten him up, going to kill him, wipe out him and his entire family. Charlie’s pissed off, Malcolm’s angry.”

Ron Leroux speaking indicates Ken Seguin believed 100 percent that Perry Dunlop and his family were going to be killed.

Ken Seguin – “Dunlop and his family are going to be killed. Shaver is so close, who am I going to talk to?”

Ron Leroux – “Get help”

Ken Seguin – “Who do I talk to”

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Ron Leroux – “File a report.”

Ken Seguin – “If this guy does not let it go he will be wiped out.”

Ron Leroux had first relayed this incident to me when we met in Maine. Initially he was scared to mention it because he thought that he could be charged for knowing this information and not relaying it to police. Ron Leroux was feeling guilty.

I recall that I broke down after he left that night. I called home and had a conversation with my wife and my mother who was visiting from out west.

I was beginning to know that I had stumbled into an evil, evil place where nothing is sacred and no one is safe.

I felt vulnerable, and I still do today. I was realizing just how connected these people were and how much power, influence and money they have. They are educated, sophisticated and manipulative. Children would not stand a chance against these perpetrators.

It was my duty as a police officer and human being to find out the truth. I could not be deterred by facts that I was uncovering.

There is no doubt in my mind that these men were desperate enough to kill me and my family. Since the beginning of my involvement in the case, there have been investigations undertaken, civil suits launched, charges, convictions, suicide and death.

All of the afore-mentioned bring enormous amounts of stress. I firmly believe that there were certain identifiable parties that wanted me dead. It is not a stretch to believe that my life and that of my family’s was/is still in jeopardy.

12th November 1996 – Ron Leroux has some other names he runs by me. See notes Ask Ron Re Bishop-He indicates that he was molested at St Columban’s Boy’s School by four priests.

18th November 1996 -Attend Stuart MacDonald’s house with Helen, Carson Chisholm and my lawyer. Stuart denies knowing Ron Leroux. He denies ever going to Ken Seguin’s house. He denies any knowledge of the case other than being informed by Sgt. Nakic.

Indicates he knows Ron Leroux was in town.

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Tells everyone to fuck off and get out of his house. With the exception of me I left earlier because I no longer wanted to be in his presence. I had heard enough. I noticed he was visibly shaken and upset.

19th November 1996 – meet with C-8 -20:15 at his house in Summerstown. Indications are that he was first assaulted as an alter boy 12-13 years old at the time-suspect Father Charles MacDonald. C-8’s father dies and he moves [XXXX} with Ron Leroux.

Prior to that he indicates that he was assaulted by Marcel Lalonde while he was a student a Bishop Macdonald School during grade seven and eight. He indicated that he knew what Charlie Macdonald was all about prior to seeing him the first time at Ken Seguin’s on the waterfront. He indicated that there were parties at Ken’s and Malcolm’s. He mentions people who were seen at mentioned places.

C-8 mentions Malcolm MacDonald, Doug Seguin, Bishop Eugene Larocque, Ron Wilson, Father Charlie MacDonald, Father Kevin Maloney, Stuart MacDonald, Claude Shaver, Mark Menard, David Latreille, Gino, Harvey Berry Jr., Robert Renshaw, Fred Renshaw, Dale Crowder, Al Laplante, Fern Touchette, Cara Berry, Yos Van Deepen.

He disclosed more about Marcel Lalonde at this meeting. He spoke more about the atmosphere at Ken Seguin’s and Malcolm MacDonald’s cottage.

20th November 1996 – Statement taken.

Gerry Renshaw indicates that Stuart MacDonald, Claude Shaver, Malcolm MacDonald were all seen at Ken Seguin’s house.

Indicates that Ken Seguin and Chief Claude Shaver were good friends.

30th November 1996 – Statement from D.S.

2nd December 1996 – Spoke to Gerry Renshaw- He indicated that the reason he left Ken Seguin’s was that he was trying to molest him.

He also indicated that Ken Seguin had spoken to Chief Shaver about the case, prior to his suicide in November of 1993, but remained very nervous.

3rd December 1996 – Statement from Dale Crowder.

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4th December 1996 – Statement from Ron Leroux.

5th December 1996 – took a statement from Gerry Renshaw-tab #9 evidence book one. Gerry Renshaw remembers several high profile people being at Ken Seguin’s house, Indications were made again about a brown suitcase containing pornographic material.

Phoned Flipson residence on this date and spoke to a female that answered the phone. Daniel Flipson came on the phone. He was very nervous. I never did make any further contact with Daniel or Sylvain.

6th December 1996 – Spoke to Albert Roy -He indicated that he had been a victim of Ken Seguin and Nelson Barque. Said he was very scared of the system. Albert is currently waiting for a hospital bed. Vicky his wife looks tired. Indications are that he was savagely molested by Ken Seguin as well as Nelson Barque. He filed a lawsuit against probation a few years ago. I understand it has been settled in his favour. My understanding is that he received in the area of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

8th December 1996 – Spoke to C-8. He remembers the suitcase of pornographic tapes that were floating around at Ken’s and then eventually seized at Ron Leroux’s house.

I show him the pictures and he recalls certain people as being at Ken Seguin’s. He indicates Jacques Leduc, Kevin Maloney, Stuart MacDonald, Andre Pommier, Bishop Larocque, David Ostler, Ron Wilson, Murray MacDonald, Malcolm MacDonald and Father Charles MacDonald.

11th December 1996 – Statement from Cara Lee Berry. 13th December 1996 – Statement from Carol Deschamps.

12th December 1996 – Statement from C-8. 15th December 1996 – Statement from XXXX.
16th December 1996 – Charles Bourgeois(my lawyer) contacts Chief of Police Fantino. At that time, Fantino was in London Ontario.

His service had completed a massive investigation centred around child abuse, child

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pornography and pedophiles called “Project Guardian.” He was advised of the situation.

18 December 1996 – The entire package of evidence and affidavits that had been gathered so far is sent to Chief Fantino. It is accompanied by a cover letter.
(Book Two – Tab 3)


23rd January 1997 – Richard Able, the Director of the Children’s Aid Society, was beaten and robbed while walking home from work. He was approximately one block away from his residence. The crime remains unsolved.

2nd February 1997 – Spoke to D.S. he gave his written permission to show his statement and the $32,000 deal.

(Book Two – Tab 4 THE DEAL )

7th February 1997 – Ron Leroux attends Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters with lawyer Charles Bourgeois for the purpose of giving a video taped statement pertaining to all his knowledge of the case.

8th February 1997 – I interview Bobby Renshaw at the law office in Newmarket see notes attached.

10th February 1997 – Statement from Robert Renshaw.

14th February 1997 – Spoke to John MacDonald’s mother. See notes attached.

16th February 1997 – I was informed on this date that a XXX XXXX wanted to speak to me.

17th February 1997 – Spoke to Stuart MacPherson who indicated that he would like to meet with me.

18th February 1997 – Called and left a message with Chief Fantino’s secretary Laurie to get in touch with me.

Called Cindy Leroux – She indicates Ron is getting nervous.

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20th February 1997 – Spoke to Stuart MacPherson. No statement given. 21st February 1997 – Spoke to Stuart MacPherson. No statement given.


22nd February 1997 – Served to testify Father Charlie MacDonald’s trial.

(Book Two – Tab 5)

24th February 1997 – Court in Ottawa re: Father Charles MacDonald.

25th February 1997 – I called Chief Fantino and spoke to him from the Courthouse in Ottawa. He advised me at this time that no police agency had taken the case yet. He was very courteous and informative about the subject of high profile pedophiles. He told me to keep to the high road in this case.

25th February 1997 – Donny Renshaw drops off a statement.

26th February 1997 – Court in Ottawa. I observed that Albert Vogel threatened Carson Chisholm.

27th February 1997 – Court in Ottawa-

28th February in 1997 -Court in Ottawa – Had a conversation with Mike Fagen a detective with the Ontario Provincial Police.

6th March 1997 – Get a call from Clair Renshaw re:Bobby Renshaw.

14th March 1997 – Called Detective Mike Fagen and told him that I have another victim that alleges he was assaulted by Father Charles MacDonald. Also on this day I spoke to Dan Anthony of the Ontario Provincial Police Orillia. I told him that I wanted to make a request for a formal investigation into the conspiracy to commit murder and the death threats that were made against my family and myself. I inquired as to where the investigation was going in relation to Ron Leroux. Information was that Major C.I.B. Ontario Provincial Police was looking after the case.

I faxed a copy of the victim’s statement to Constable Don Genier on his request.

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15th March 1997 – Cindy Leroux called. Indication was that Doug Seguin brother of probation officer Ken Seguin had called. Ron did not speak with Doug. I told them to get in touch with Ontario Provincial Police and let them know what had transpired.

17th March 1997 – I called Dan Anthony O.P.P.- nothing back from superiors about threats complaint. Inform him of the Ron Leroux call.

18th March 1997 – I am in Toronto – Helen attends Ontario Provincial Police Upper Canada Detachment and lodges death threats complaint with Detective Inspector Pat Hall and Constable Steve Seguin. I was informed that Inspector Tim Smith would now be in charge of the major portion of the sexual assault allegations.

25th March 1997 – Father Charlie appears in court in Ottawa. D.S. is arrested outside the courtroom for cause a disturbance.

27th March 1997 – Sgt. Snyder wants a statement as to how I met C-8. Indications are there are five more victims that have come forward about Marcel Lalonde. No names are discussed.

Constable Don Genier Ontario Provincial Police calls. The request is made for a statement as to how I met Robert Renshaw. Statement was given on this date.

(Book Two – Tab 6)

29th March 1997 – Observed Joss VanDeepan and Malcolm MacDonald at a coffee shop together.


Prior to lunch on this date I attended the Office of the Solicitor General and Corrections Services 25 Grosvenor Street Toronto. I was directed to the 11th floor of the building. I advise the secretary that I have a package for the Solicitor General. A female comes out of the office and is prepared to receive the package. I informed her that there are some important documents in the package. She left and returned with John Periversoff. He came out and introduced himself.

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