Justice James Chadwick

Justice James Chadwick

Justice James Chadwick stayed the charges at the first sex abuse trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc.

Justice James Chadwick took the bench at the  the trial after Justice Colin McKinnon was obliged to recuse himself.  That was several weeks into the trial and after many witnesses had been called to testify.  Justice Chadwick heard no testimony regarding the serious sex abuse allegations against Leduc.  At trial the impression was conveyed that Chadwick had been brought in by McKinnon, however, according to the Canadian Judicial Council Chadwick said that he was assigned by Senior Justice Cunningham.


A Travesty of Justice

These following five files comprise those related to the 09 April 2001 complaint filed with the Canadian Judicial Council regarding, among other things, Justice Colin McKinnon’s conflict of interest and failed memory, the apparent animus of Justice James Chadwick toward Perry Dunlop, and pertinent back ground information which is an essential read to put the complaint into context.

The first file is the cover letter, the next three are appendices to the letter, and the fifth is the conclusion reached by the justices’ peers in the Canadian Judicial Council.

1. Cover letter:  Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council 

2. Appendix A (Re McKinnon):  Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council re Justice Colin McKinnon

3. Appendix B (Re Chadwick) : Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council re Justice James Chadwick

4. Appendix C (Backgrounder): Complaint to Canadian Judicial Council Backgrounder

5. 17 July 2001 (CJC Response):  Canadian Judicial Council response