Fantino: Julian Fantino

Julian Fantino

Former Chief of Police of London Ontario Police Service.  At the time of the Cornwall Public Inquiry was Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

In December of 1996 Constable Perry Dunlop turned to Julian Fantino, then Chief of the London Police Service, for assistance. (Chief Fantino had become a familiar name in the news for his handling of a massive child porn operation in London which led to an OPP probe dubbed Project Guardian. This is the online Wilkipedia version of his bio )

All the files and affidavits Dunlop had accrued since the scandal and cover-up spilled into the public domain were packed and sent off to Fantino, no doubt in the hope that Fantino would ensure that something was done to deal with the mounting sexual abuse allegations against prominent Cornwall men and the cover-up of sexual abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald.

Dunlop contacted Fantino from the courthouse in Ottawa on 25 February 1997 where he had been subpoenaed to testify at Father MacDonald’s preliminary hearing. Fantino told Dunlop that at that time no police service had taken the case. According to Dunlop Fantino also told him to ‘take the high road.’ What exactly that advice means is hard to say.

Commissioner Julian Fantino Testifies at the Cornwall Public Inquiry 

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The bizarre case of Julian Fantino,

Access to Information legislation and Joe Baptista

While he was Chief of the London Police Service Julian Fantino in conjunction with a number of other Chiefs of police filed a legal action against two civilians and the Freedom of Information commissioner. As a result of the action Ontario’s Access to Information legislation was amended to allow commissioner’s to deny access to information requests on the grounds that the requests are “frivolous” and/or “vexatious.”

At a later date Fantino et al were instrumental in limiting an individual’s right to file access to information requests. That ruling was, it seems, unsuccessfully appealed in 1999.

The name Joe Baptista figures prominently in these actions. Baptista – often referred to as Dr. Joe Baptista because he is perceived as a “doctor” of the internet – appears to have been a thorn in the flesh of Fantino and was sued by Fantino in July 1995. It seems that the suit was initiated after Baptista used the internet to get information on Fantino, his family and friends. That information was then distributed through various means.

Baptista alleged he was unable to mount a defense because of lack of funds. Fantino won and Baptista was ordered to pay Fantino $40,000 in damages. It seems Baptista also had concerns about Cornwall and as a result of the ruling considered himself gagged.

At some point in this whole messy and convoluted process Fantino allegedly sought an injunction to have Baptista imprisoned, and at another Baptista claimed he went to the Apostolic Nuncio seeking assistance from the Vatican, and at yet another Baptista invited then Prime Minister Chretien for a private viewing of a video which Baptista thought would be of interest to Chretien.

Baptista was variously admired or written off as a crackpot. At one time he appeared in court sporting pajamas and a pair of fluffy slippers, this presumably his attempt to show his contempt for the judicial proceedings. However, when Baptista first began to earn a reputation for his apparent internet and technical prowess there were those who saw his unusual tactics in dealing with governments agencies as satirical.

At the end of the day, there are probably more questions than answers regarding Joe Baptista and his friends, but one thing is for certain, Julian Fantino, the London Police Board and several other police agencies were responsible for restricting the rights of citizens to attain information through Access to Information requests, and the amendment to the legislation was sought by Fantino and other police officers and police boards solely to deal with the requests submitted by Baptista and his friends. That’s disturbing. And it raises the question, doesn’t it? – what requests were Baptista and his cohorts submitting which caused Fantino to initiate such drastic action to deal with this man?

Will we hear any of this throughout this inquiry? We should. I believe this Joe Baptista should be tracked down so that we can hear from the horse’s mouth what this whole convoluted mess is about. Does Baptista have independent information regarding Cornwall and Fort Lauderdale? If yes, what is it? And if yes, why was he silenced? And did the amendment to the Access to Information legislation have any connection whatsoever to Baptista’s apparent interest in Cornwall?

There’s an obvious Cornwall connection here, not the least of which is the fact that Perry Dunlop turned to Fantino and turned over all of his evidence to the man. I do believe it warrants investigation if the fog is ever to be lifted from Cornwall.

Fantino named new commissioner

Former police chief to ensure coordinated response in times of crisis

[February 2005]

The Province of Ontario has appointed Julian Fantino Commissioner of Emergency Management as part of its ongoing plan to ensure the security of Ontarians.

“Julian Fantino has a long record of public service through public safety,” said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. “His years as chief of police in London, York Region and Toronto have equipped him well for this new challenge: working with government, police, fire departments, transit systems and all Ontarians to ensure we’re prepared to cope with a major emergency.”

Fantino has developed an expertise in public security in times of crisis. He directed the policing response for the SARS outbreak and the blackout that hit Toronto in 2003. He directed the development of an upgraded emergency response plan for the Toronto Police Service, and he has spoken around the world on emergency preparedness, fighting terrorism and providing security for events such as the Olympics and papal visits.

Fantino is only the second person to hold the post of Commissioner of Emergency Management, which was created last year to ensure a coordinated response to emergency situations.

He succeeds Dr. James Young, who has accepted a new post with the federal government.

“I want to thank Dr. Young for his work, and I want to thank Chief Fantino for taking on the job,” said Monte Kwinter, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. “Ontarians are fortunate to have someone of his stature and his experience.”

Premier McGuinty stressed that Ontario must be prepared in case of a crisis.
“After the challenges posed by SARS and the blackout, we know Ontarians can respond magnificently in challenging times. We need to work together to ensure we can respond quickly and effectively to all future challenges as well,” said Premier McGuinty.

“In a post-9/11 world, there’s no reason to alarm people, but there is every reason to equip and inform people so an action plan is always in place, should we need one. I know Mr. Fantino is going to work with us and people across the province to do just that.”

Reprinted from a media release from the Office of the Premier dated February 8, 2005.

[from the Ontario Fire Service Messenger, January/February 2005 posted on Ontario government website]