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Project Truth Mandate

(11)  Chris Lewis (current OPP Deputy Commissioner) 

(10) Pat Hall (OPP officer from 1968 to 2000/2004.  Headed Project Truth probe )

(9)  Steve Seguin:  (OPP office from 1991 to present.  Project Truth officer from May 1997.) 

(8)  Joe Dupuis (OPP officer 28 February 1973 to 31 May 2003.  Project Truth officer from September 1997) 

(7)  Randy Millar (OPP officer May 1982 to present. Currently Detective Inspector)  

(6)  William Zebruck (OPP officer 1974 to 2000.  Retired as Detective Constable) 

(5) Fred Hamelink (OPP officer 1969-2001) 

(4) Tim Smith ( 

(3) Steve McDougald (OPP officer)

()  Chris McDonnell

(1) Jim McWade (OPP officer)

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19 Sex Abuse Charges Laid

The Ottawa Sun

Tuesday, April 11, 2000


“Investigators probing decades of abuse by Cornwall officials and clergy laid another 19 sex offence charges against four men yesterday. The charges stem from further complaints brought to the attention of investigators with “Project Truth,” the OPP’s ongoing, 32-month probe of sexual abuse.

Rev. Charles MacDonald, 67, of Glen Robertson near Cornwall, faces two counts of gross indecency. MacDonald has already been ordered to stand trial on 21 sex charges dating back to the late ’60’s and early ’70’s.

Jean-Luc Leblanc, 55, of Newington, northwest of Cornwall, faces 10 new sex offence charges, including one count of buggery, two counts of anal intercourse, two counts of sexual assault on a male and one count of procuring a person for illicit sexual intercourse. Leblanc, a convicted pedophile who once was a meteorologist with Transport Canada and upon retirement, drove a school bus for the Upper Canada District Board in 1998, was hit with 13 sex charges last July stemming from the Project Truth investigation. He had already been charged with 28 sex-related charges earlier in 1999 .

Brian Bernard Dufour, 59, of Hamilton, was charged yesterday with two counts of indecent assault on a male and two counts of gross indecency. OPP Det. Insp. Klancy Grasman said he charges stem from the late 1960’s.

Rev. Romeo Major, 62, of Cornwall, was charged with one count of indecent assault on a female.

Dufour, Major and MacDonald are scheduled to appear in Cornwall, Ontario court April 17, 2000. Jean Luc LeBlanc will appear in court in Cornwall, Ontario June 23, 2000.

Grasman said he expects Project Truth, which has netted 114 charges so far, to wrap up by the end of next month.”