Conspiracy Allegations Around Child Sex Abuse “Outrageous”: Griffiths

AM 1220

January 13, 2009Conspiracy allegations surrounding child sex abuse cases in Cornwall are being described as “outrageous” by one of Ontario’s top judges. Associate Chief Justice Peter Griffiths says there was no ring of truth to the suggestion that city police, the local diocese and area crown’s office agreed to cover-up child sex abuse. Griffiths was the regional senior crown at time who asked for an investigation. Griffiths ended his testimony by apologizing to the victims. (Hear audio clip below) Hearings continue at 9:30 this morning.

[ Transcript of audio clip: “First of all, I’m sorry for their pain. I appreciate I’m talking to an empty room here, but I’m hoping that there are people out there who would hear this, I’m sorry for their pain…… I deeply regret the pain that the victims have suffered through this.”]