Another CPS witness excused

Cornwall Standard Freeholder

14 November 2008

A retired Cornwall Police Service officer who investigated the son of a former chief will not have to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Commissioner Normand Glaude ruled Wednesday that Ron Lefebvre‘s medical conditions were too severe to let the former cop take the stand.

In 1985, Lefebvre led the investigation into sexual abuse allegations involving Earl Landry Jr., son of former police chief Earl Landry Sr.

The CPS originally concluded there was not enough evidence to charge Landry Jr. But more complainants came forward over the next decade, and after the CPS reopened the case, Landry Jr. confessed to abusing five boys in 1997.

One victim later sued police, alleging Landry Sr. used his influence to disrupt the initial investigation.

In his ruling, Glaude disputed one medical record which stated the commission initially did not believe Lefebvre’s medical issues were “genuine”.

“I can point out, for the record, that at no point did I ever suggest or think that Mr. Lefebvre’s condition was anything but genuine,” said Glaude.

Lefebvre’s testimony had been up in the air since May. He is the third CPS witness to be excused from taking the stand.