Ron Lefebvre

Ron Lefebvre

Ron Lefebvre was a Sergeant with the Cornwall Police Service.  Lefebvre was involved in several sex abuse investigations, one of those being that in 1985 of Early Landry Jr., the son of the former Chief of Police Earl Landry.  At the time a  decision was made that there was insufficient evidence to lay charges.  Over ten years later more complainants came forward and, in the late 90s, Landry Jr pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse of five boys.

There was a battle as to whether or not Ron Levebvre would testify at the Cornwall Public inquiry.  The Cornwall Police Service argued that he was unable to take the stand for meidcal reasons.  A counter argument was that he was working as a special constable at courthouse and testified at bail hearings.  In the end Ron Lefebvre did NOT testify.


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