“Mountain Of Possible Problems With Sex Assault Investigation: McDonald” & related article

Cornwall News AM 1220

May 02, 2008 — One of Cornwall’s top police officers says he knew a sexual assault case was going to garner a lot of attention from the start. A complainant told the city police in the early 1992 that he was sexually assaulted by a city priest and city probation officer. Months later, the complainant signed a $32,000 out-of-court settlement from the church while agreeing to drop the allegations. Retired police officer Stuart McDonald told the Cornwall Public Inquiry yesterday that he felt this case had a mountain of possible problems from the beginning because it involved a high profile person. (Hear audio clip below) The alleged victim’s statement was eventually given to the Children’s Aid Society by former city police officer Perry Dunlop. Dunlop’s involvement with this case has been greatly criticized and some would say is the center of this inquiry.

[Transcript of audio clip: I had no idea where this thing would lead, let alone this far. I just felt we had to put the best resources we had available on the case. I know that these cases are very very sensitive.]

Dunlop Did Not Follow Proper Procedure: McDonald

Cornwall News AM 1220

May 02, 2008 — A family member is suggesting that Perry Dunlop did not go through the proper channels when he reported child sex abuse allegations. Stuart McDonald is Dunlop’s brother in-law by marriage and also a former city police inspector. McDonald told the Cornwall Public Inquiry today that Dunlop did not follow proper procedure when he went to the Children’s Aid Society in 1993 with a statement from an alleged victim of child sex abuse. (Hear audio clip below) The inquiry takes next week off.

[Transcript of audio clip: I don’t believe he had a right to take it from the police station, to copy it, as I say there, there, might have been a time and a case for turning this statement over to theChildren’s Aid Society, but I don’t believe it was under the proper circumstances at that particular time ]