Doubts regarding junior cop’s ability

Cornwall Standard Freeholder

02 May 2008

The officer who was third-in-charge at the Cornwall Police Service in December 1992 testified he had doubts about a junior cop’s ability to handle the high-profile David Silmser investigation.

Staff Insp. Stuart MacDonald said he recommended Claude Lortie be given the case ahead of Heidi Sebalj, a constable who had only been assigned to the force’s youth bureau a few months earlier.

“She was fairly new in the branch, fairly inexperienced,” said MacDonald.

“And I felt the case had . . . a mountain of possibilities, none of which would be good.”

Lortie, the force’s senior intelligence officer, was originally assiged to investigate Silmser’s claims he was abused by a Roman Catholic priest and a former probation officer.

The case was turned over to Sebalj in January 1993 after Lortie went on sick leave. Her nine-month investigation ended with no charges being laid.

MacDonald was on the stand for about half an hour Thursday afternoon.

The now-retired officer is scheduled to complete his testimony today.


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When is ex hief Shaver going to take the stand or is he going to be given a pass as well.

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #1 By what justice,

Oh yes let us not forget the ex Bishop the one who instructed his frech ollowers he did want them to be caught with the anglo or did they bring him to rome to help the ex cardinal from boston.

Reply | Report | Page Top Post #2 By what justice,

“Doubts regarding junior cop’s ability?”, actually it should read DOUBTS REGARDING MOST COP’S ABILITY!, with the exception of one, PERRY DUNLOP!!!!!

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Doubts regarding the senior cops ability that were assisting Heidi. She did a good job but had no support or guidance. Isn’t that right Brian!

This whole scenario is like everything else in Canada no accountability and political bungling to hide the stupidity

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