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A number of “institutions” implicated in the Cornwall sex abuse scandal were granted standing at the Cornwall Public. Commencing 28 November 2007, the final phase of evidentiary hearings, individuals from each institution  were called to testify.

Ontario Attorney General (see also AG page)

15 March 2010:  A second look at new rules31 March 2009:  Acting Crown attorney in a coma in an Ottawa hospital26 February 2009:  Children eat lunch with local judges13 December 2008:   Inquiry to hear from ministry witnesses02 December 2008:   Forcing prosecutors to testify threatens justice system: lawyer

27 November 2008:  Crown fights inquiry order in Frank Paul case

09 December 2008:  High court ponders whether access to information a right

09 December 2008: Crown MacDonald promoted: New director of prosecutors for eastern Ontario

28 November 2008: “Fantino rebuked in attempt to remove judge from disciplinary hearing”and related articles re Fantino and Brian Gover (Gover is Glaude’s lawyer for inquiry business, including charging Perry Dunlop)28 November 2008”: Ontario to place prosecutors in police stations: Idea one of several to streamline lengthy trials recommended in new report

24 October 2008: Province imposes a finish line on marathon sessions

23 October 2008:  Media coverage on Attorney General imposed inquiry deadline

23 October 2008:  Inquiry will wrap by January:  Glaude.  Commissioenr reveals new guidelines set by province

02 October 2008:  SIU ineffective police watchdog: Ontario ombudsman

25 June 2008: Court swamped by murder charges: Eleven people facing trials in nine area deaths

11 June 2008: Cornwall court on trial: Stats show court third slowest in region

23 March 2002 Pedophiles must pay dearly appeal court

02 April 1997:  Memo from Robert Pelletier, assistant Crown attorney, to Peter Griffiths, Director of Crowns for the Eastern Region, Ontario

(12) Murray Segal:  (Deputy Attorney General)

(11)  James Stewart: (Director of Crown operations for Eatern Ontario since 1999)

(10) Robert Pelletier:  (former Crown attorney United Counties of Prescott and Russell.  Now federally-appointed judge with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice)

(9)  Lidia Narozniak:  (Crown attorney.  Hamilton ?)

(8)  Shelley Hallett:  (Crown attorney, Toronto)

(7) Cosette Chafe:  (Victim Witness Assistance Program)

(6) Lorne McConnery: (Assistant Crown, attorney Barrie, Ontario)

(5) Peter Griffiths:  (Former Dirctor of Crown attorneys for the Eastern Region.  Now Associate Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice)

(4)  Curt Flanagan:  (Brockville Crown attorney)

(3) Alain Godin: (assitant Crown attorney)

(2)  Don Johnson:  (former Cornwall Crown attorney 1972 to 1991.  Now criminal defence lawyer)

(1) Murray MacDonald:  (Cornwall Crown attorney 1992 to Dec. 2008.  Assistant Crown 1988-1992)

Ontario Provincial Police 

28 November 2008: “Fantino rebuked in attempt to remove judge from disciplinary hearing”and related articles re Fantino and Brian Gover (Gover is Glaude’s lawyer for inquiry business, including charging Perry Dunlop)02 October 2008:  SIU ineffective police watchdog: Ontario ombudsman06 May 2008: Officer’s notetaking questioned(11)  Chris Lewis (current OPP Deputy Commissioner)(10) Pat Hall (OPP officer from 1968 to 2000/2004.  Headed Project Truth probe )(9)  Steve Seguin:  (OPP office from 1991 to present.  Project Truth officer from May 1997.)

(8)  Joe Dupuis (OPP officer 28 February 1973 to 31 May 2003.  Project Truth officer from September 1997)

(7)  Randy Millar (OPP officer May 1982 to present. Currently Detective Inspector)

(6)  William Zebruck (OPP officer 1974 to 2000.  Retired as Detective Constable)

(5) Fred Hamelink (OPP officer 1969-2001)

(4) Tim Smith (

(3) Steve McDougald (OPP officer)

()  Chris McDonnell

(1) Jim McWade (OPP officer)

01 November 2007:  Julian Fantino

Children’s Aid Society 27 January 2010:   $1.5M for CAS roof18 April 2008:  Re-inventing itself23 January 2008:  “CAS Proposal Request RFP#01-2008 for a Public Relations Campaign(9) Rick Abell (Richard) (CAS employee late 1989 – 2007.  Former Executive Director)(8) Tom O’Brien (Thomas): (CAS employee 1966-1990.  Former Executive Director.)

(7) Greg Bell:  (CAS worker 1982-2002.  Contract work 2002-2005)

(6) Shawn White:  (Acting S/Sgt. Cornwall Police Service)

(5) Ian MacLean (Cornwall CAS employee 1976-2008)

(4) Bryan Keough (CAS employee 1971-1990)

(3) Geraldine Fitzpatrick (CAS employee 1986 –  )

(2) Bill Carriere (CAS employee 1973-2006)

(1) Angelo Towndale (CAS employee 1965-1995)

School Boards  

11 December 2008: Shaping a Culture of Respect in Our Schools: Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships.Protecting Our Students – Executive Summary and Recommendations (The Robins Report – The Honourable Sydney L. Robins, 2000) Chapter I: The Nature and Scope of the Review

Chapter 2: The DeLuca Affair

Chapter 3: Extent and Nature of Teacher-Student Sexual Misconduct

Chapter 4: The Law

Chapter 5: Avoiding False Accusations

Chapter 6: Policies and Protocols

(3)  David Thomas:  (Director of Eduction and Secretary to the Board of Trustees for the Upper Canada District School Board)

(2) Jean-Paul Scott: (former Superintendent of Education for the Prescott & Russell Separate School Board)

(1)  Jeannine Seguin (ODE):  (former principal at St. Lawrence School and LaCitadelle H.S.)

(3) Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall (see also The Diocese )THE LAWSUIT

14 October 2004:  Bishop now opposes inquiry09 January 2001: Statement of Claim against four Viatorian priests who taught at the Cornwall Classical College (settled out of court 2004 – victims gagged as part of settlement)Diocesan witnesses called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

(13)  Monsignor Donald McDougald (NOT testifying.  Former Vicar General of Alexandria-Cornwall diocese)

(12) Bishop Paul Andre Durocher (current Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

(11) Bishop Eugene Larocque (former Bishop of Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

(10) Father Bernard Menard (Oblate priest working in L’Arche community in Glen Roy)

(9) Raymond Legault MD (Medical doctor who headed up the diocesan sex abuse committee)

(8) Bishop Adolphe Proulx (ODE – Overview of Documentary Evidence.)

(7) Archdeacon Gord Bryan (diocean bursar)

(6) Mrs. Claudette Pilon

(5) Msgr. Peter Schonenbach (priest with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa)

(4)  Msgr. Rejean Lebrun (priest with Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

(3) Jacques Leduc (lawyer & canon lawyer)

(2) Father Kevin Maloney (temporary link – page to be redone)

(1) Father Denis Vaillancourt:  (Chancellor – Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

Father Bernard Menard

Father Rejean Lebrun

(2) Cornwall Police Service 

Documents of interest and MediaThe David Silmser 1994 complaint against Cst. Heidi Sebalj which, with the aid of then lawyer Colin McKinnon, morphed into charges under the Police Service Act against Cst. Perry Dunlop.18 March 2010:  City taxpayers paying more17 March 2010:  City makes bid for 1.7M09 February 2010: City police officer charged by OPP with impaired driving

04 February 2010: Cornwall’s Final Inquiry Tab: $1,738,981.03

28 January 2010: Expansion intrigues top cop

10 April 2009:  Police meeting coming to Cornwall

14 March 2009: Police force losing wealth of experience: Why are so many good officers leaving?

17 February 2009:  Internet Eavesdropping Might Allow Police to Keep Up:  Cornwall Police Chief

04 February 2009: Police Witnesses Prepared But Not Called At Inquiry-Bills Continue

17 January 2009:  Chief’s sign experiment may not fly for long

16 January 2009:  Mayor defends police budget increase 

11 November 2008:  Police inquiry bill may top $8M

02 October 2008:  SIU ineffective police watchdog: Ontario ombudsman

15 September 2008:  Police promote Dupuis

11 September 2008:  Inquiry bill keeps climbing

15 July 2008: Parameters may be set for future inquiries – McGuinty

15 July 2008:  Cornwall Public Inquiry tab keeps climbing

12 July 2008:  More witnesses will seek exclusion

12 June 2008: Mind Boggling Inquiry Bill For Cornwall Taxpayers

30 May 2008: Ottawa police disciplinary hearings moved in-house
Allowing officers to judge their colleagues ‘has trouble written all over it,’ critic says

02 April 2008: Morale at Cornwall police station was nosediving in early 1990s

29 March 2008: Coffee Break: Why are we spending thousands to beat the provincial ban?

26 March 2008: Gardiner: Stop Cornwall Inquiry Sooner Than Later

26 March 2008: Inquiry bills continue to mount

07 March 2008: Two sides to every story’: Aikman

04 March 2008:  Inquiry Costs Cornwall Police Dearly

04 March 2008:  More inquiry bills come in

03 March 2008:  Inquiry Evidence Decision Will Not Be Challenged- Commission Counsel

25 February 2008: Police Witness Excused At Inquiry25 February 2008: City police investigator won’t testify at inquiry

4 January 2008:  Clement v. Cornwall Police Services Board (claim against Crown Murray MacDonald dismised)

28 December 2007:  January promises inquiry fireworks 

 20 February 2001: Justice Colin McKinnon – former legal counsel for CPS and Claude Shaver – acknowledges his prior involvement with former Constable Perry Dunlop


 11 January 1994:  Bryce Geoffrey hand-delivered letter threatening legal action – addressed to Cornwall Police Service Board, Acting Chief Carl Johnston and Constable Heidi Sebalj. At this time Geoffrey was not yet aware that the diocesan hush deal was illegal. Nor did he seem to be yet aware that David Silmser accepted the pay-off only after being told in August 1993 that Father Charles MacDonald would not be charged. On the same day Leo Courville, chairman of the Cornwall Police Service Board, issued the following deceptive press release which omits to mention that an internal investigation had concluded that Perry acted in good faith and no disciplinary action would be taken.  

11 January 1994:  PRESS RELEASE – Police Board Account: Incident involving alleged sexual assault.    

21 February 1994:  CPS Public complaint form referencing public complaint filed 21 January 1994 by David Silmser against Heidi Sebalj

Click here for several relevant media articles commencing 07 January 1994.

CPS witnesses called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

(1) Brian Skinner (Supt. Ottawa Carleton Police)

(2) Heidi Sebalj (Cornwall Police Service Did NOT testify.  )

(3) Garry Derochie (S/Sgt. Cornwall Police Service)

(4) Luc Brunet (S/Sgt. Cornwall Police Service)

(5) Claude Lortie (S/Sgt. [retired] Cornwall Police Service)

(6) Michael Quinn – (Constable, Cornwall Community Police Service

(7) Kevin Malloy – (Constable [retired], Cornwall Community Police Service)

(8) Leo Courville – (Former Chair, Cornwall Police Services Board)

(9)  Rick Trew – (Inspector, Cornwall Community Police Service)

(10) Brian Payment – (Constable (retired), Cornwall Community Police Service)

(11) Robert Burnie – (Cornwall Police Service)

(12) Stuart McDonald – (Staff Inspector [retired] Cornwall Community Police Service)

(13)  Brian Snyder (Staff Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service)

(14)Jeff Carroll – (Detective Sergeant, Cornwall Community Police Service)

(15) Rene Desrosier – (Constable, Cornwall Community Police Service)

(16) Brendon Wells – (Inspector, Cornwall Community Police Service)

(17) Joseph St. Denis – (Retired Deputy Chief, Cornwall Police Service)

(18) Claude Shaver – (Former Chief, Cornwall Police Service)

(19) Anthony Repa – (Former Chief, Cornwall Police Service)

(20) Ron Lefebvre – (May not testify)

(21) Ron Wilson – (Will not testify – sick slip)

(22) Shawn White:  (Acting S/Sgt. Cornwall Police Service – called during CAS testimony)

(1) Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services(Ministry of Correctional Services)   Documents of interest and Media02 April 2008:  Ontario Inmates’ Rights04 February 2008:  Spotlight On Probations Nearing End At Cornwall Inquiry04 February 2008: Deputy minister to take stand at Cornwall Public Inquiry28 December 2007:  January promises inquiry fireworks11 September 2006 (Blog):  Is the gag an absolute necessity?06 May 2004 Correctional Services Settlement with 13 “alleged” victims. Those who settled in this action were gagged by the Ministry. There were originally 19 – six went elsewhere to file their actions.

Goodis documents

29 January 2008:  Ontario (Correctional Services) v. Goodis, 2008 CanLII 2603 (ON S.C.D.C.)

07 July 2006:  Goodis v. Ontario (Ministry of Correctional Services), 2006 SCC 31

05 March 2001:  Information and Privacy Commission Ontario (David Goodis Senior Adjudicator)

Witnesses called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

(1) Peter Sirrs (former area manager at the Cornwall probation and parole office. Investigated complaint against Nelson Barque in 1982)

(2) Paul Downing (former special investigator for Correctional Services Canada.  Investigated allegations against probation officers on projecttruth websites)

(3) Marcelle Leger (former receptionist then administrative assistant to Peter Sirrs at Cornwall Probation and Parole office. )

(4) Louise Quinn (former receptionist, administrative assistant in Cornwall Probation and Parole office, now probation officer)

(5) Gary Commeford (former Director of Management and Operational Services)

(6) Bill Roy (former Regional Manager of the Eastern Regional Office)

(7) Lenna Bradburn (former manager of the Independent Investigations Unit)

(8) Loretta Eley (former executive assistant to the Deputy Minister)

(9) Ron Gendron (probation officer in the Cornwall Probation and Parole office)

(10) Carol Cardinal (probation officer in the Cornwall Probation and Parole office)

(11) Jos van Diepen (former probation officer in the Cornwall Probation and Parole office)

(12) Sue Lariviere (former probation officer in the Cornwall Probation and Parole office)

(13) Maurice Zbar (former Assistant Deputy Minister, Community and Young Offender Services)

(14) Roy Hawkins (former Regional Administrator (Eastern Region) Youth and Community Services, Ministry of Correctional Services)

(15) Deborah Newman (Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services).

(16) Emile Robert (former Area Manager, Cornwall Probation and Parole Office)

(17) Claude Legault (Area Manager, Cornwall Probation and Parole office)