Major: Father Romeo Major

Father Romeo Major.   Roman Catholic priest,  Ordained 21 June 1964 for the Diocese of Alexandria (Alexandria-Cornwall) Ontario.  Charged through Project Truth Probe in 2000.  Charges related to sex abuse of teenage girl withdrawn or dropped.  Retired after charges laid.Member of … Continue reading

Lebrun: Monsignor Rejean Lebrun

Monsignor Rejean Lebrun is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 31 May 1962. Father Lebrun testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry 21 July 2008. According to his testimony back in the mid to late 60s Father … Continue reading

Cornwall Classical College & Viatorian priests

  Cornwall Classical College and the Viatorian priests In 1949 at the invitation of Roman Catholic Bishop Rosario Brodeur (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall) the Clercs de St. Viateur (Clerics of St. Viator/Viatorians) opened the doors of the Cornwall Classical College. The … Continue reading

Meunier: Father Lucien-Luc Meunier

Father Luke Lucien Meunier Father Luke Meunier Father Lucien Meunier Father Pedro Luke, Father L. Lou Meunier Probably also Father Lucien Meunier de la Pierre. __________________________ 1981:  Excerpts from Father Luc Meunier 1981 book:   Miracles in Louisiana ? (mostly … Continue reading

Finally!!!! A Project Truth Win

[The following is an excerpt from Dick Nadeu‘s website – Fall 2001 This verdict which evoked such joy from Dick was appealed by Lapierre.  After exhausting all avenues of appeal – barring the Supreme Court of Canada – Lapierre … Continue reading

Stone: Father Carl Stone

Father Carl Stone [The following information is  was drawn from information on hand or researched several years and documents entered into evidence at the Cornwall Public Inquiry..  The gaps in entries indicate that I currently have no information on those … Continue reading

Lapierre: Father Paul Lapierre

(Most of the following information came from Father Lapierre’s 07 September 2001testimony at his Project Truth sex abuse trial. The small parts which were not part of his testimony were attained from the Catholic Directory of Canada. Father Lapierre received … Continue reading

“The Gang of Five”

Brief bios and picture of each of the five influential Canadian Roman Catholic bishops who referred to themselves as “the Gang of Five”:  Archbishops Francis Pocock, Emmett and Alexander Carter, George Flahiff csb and Joseph-Aurele Plourde.  All but Joseph-Aurele Plourde … Continue reading

Nadeau: Dick Nadeau

Dick Nadeau Dick Nadeau was sexually molested by Father Hector Cote csv while Nadeau was a student at the now defunct Cornwall Classical Classical College which was operated by the Viatorian priests (Clerics of St.Viator). Nadeau became well known near and afar … Continue reading