Sheets: Bobby Sheets

Robert Sheets  Bobby Sheets Bobby Sheets was sexually molested by ex-priest Richard Hickerson and probation officers Nelson Baroque and Ken Seguin.  (Probation officer Ken Seguin would watch and masturbate while Barque was molesting the boy.) Robert Sheets Project Truth Victim … Continue reading

Marsolais: Jamie Marsolais

Jamie Marsolais Jamie Marsolais was sexually abused by ex priest and former Canada Manpower employee Richard Hickerson and by Hickerson’s friend, James Lewis.   ________________________________________ Jamie Marsolais Affidavit for Standing and Funding at the Cornwall Public Inquiry    IN THE MATTER … Continue reading

Storm-Tossed House. . .

Pending Arrest Of Pedophiles Expected To Implicate Bishop [The Wanderer, 17 August 2000] By Paul Likoudis CORNWALL, Ont. – The pending arrest (slated for August 9) of former Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin by officers of the Project Truth … Continue reading


My Story (by C-11) C-11 was sexually abused by ex-priest Richard Hickerson. C-11 testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry 06 June 2007. “My Story” (below) was posted with C-11’s permission. I am posting this after reading 02 April 2008: The … Continue reading

Deschamps: Father Gaetan Deschamps

Gaetan Deschamps Gaetan F. Deschamps “Father Gates” Diocesan priest.  Ordained 17 June 1956.  Born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario – was incardinated in Diocese of Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Serving in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall since the early 1990s. Sexual abuse … Continue reading