Few secrets at Project Truth Inquiry

Judge denies another priest publication ban, but more legal wrangling ahead Ottawa Sun Online 28 November 2006 By Canadian Press CORNWALL — Another priest has lost his battle to keep his identity secret at a public inquiry probing the institutional … Continue reading

Lapierre: Father Hollis Lapierre

Father Hollis Lapierre [No relation to Father Paul Lapierre.] Good friend of fellow clerical paedophiles Fathers Paul Lapierre and Don Scott. Named Father Don Scott as executor of his will which instructed Scott that upon his death (Hollis’) Scott was to … Continue reading

Martin: Father Kenneth Martin

[information taken from Father Martin’s own testimony at his September 2001 Project Truth sex abuse trial and from the Catholic Directories of Canada and Ontario Catholic Directories.There were two men who came forward with allegations of childhood sexual abuse against Father Kenneth Martin, one … Continue reading

Diocese Employee’s Name Not Protected

Cornwall News AM 1220 January 30, 2007 — An employee with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall will not have his name protected at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. Lawyers for the church have given up their fight to have a … Continue reading

Employee has no right to privacy, inquiry told

Publication ban would turn tradition ‘on its head’, inquiry into sex abuse hears The Ottawa Citizen Friday, December 08, 2006 Neco Cockburn A publication ban to protect the name of an Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic diocese employee would be a “revolutionary” … Continue reading