Platana: Terence Platana

Justice Terence A.  Platana Justice Terence A. Platana is a judge with the Nortwestern Region of Ontario Superior Court of Justice. It was Justice Platana who stayed the charges against Cornwall lawyer and Church Canon Lawyer Jacques.  The charges had … Continue reading

Narozniak: Lidia Narozniak

Lidia Narozniak Lidia Narozniak is the Crown attorney who took the second Project Truth sex abuse trial of Jacques Leduc.  (Leduc “walked”) Lidia Narozniak received her law degree from the University of Manitoba in 1981.  She was called to the … Continue reading

Maloney: Father Kevin Maloney

Father Kevin Maloney Father Kevin Joseph Maloney Father Kevin is a Roman Catholic priest ordained 1972 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Allegations of sex abuse at St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred, Ontario – charges were never laid and … Continue reading

Major: Father Romeo Major

Father Romeo Major.   Roman Catholic priest,  Ordained 21 June 1964 for the Diocese of Alexandria (Alexandria-Cornwall) Ontario.  Charged through Project Truth Probe in 2000.  Charges related to sex abuse of teenage girl withdrawn or dropped.  Retired after charges laid.Member of … Continue reading

Wilson: Ron WIlson

Former member of Cornwall Police Service – on staff when the scandal erupted.  According to lawyer and former Crown attonrey Malcolm MacDonald the two were good friends.    Alleged to have ties to other of Cornwall’s alleged sexual molesters. According testimony at the … Continue reading

Martin: Father Kenneth Martin

[information taken from Father Martin’s own testimony at his September 2001 Project Truth sex abuse trial and from the Catholic Directories of Canada and Ontario Catholic Directories.There were two men who came forward with allegations of childhood sexual abuse against Father Kenneth Martin, one … Continue reading

Storm-Tossed House. . .

Pending Arrest Of Pedophiles Expected To Implicate Bishop [The Wanderer, 17 August 2000] By Paul Likoudis CORNWALL, Ont. – The pending arrest (slated for August 9) of former Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin by officers of the Project Truth … Continue reading

Priest begins serving sentence

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Kevin Lajoie Wednesday, October 18, 2006 – 10:00 Local News – A former Catholic priest who served in the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese until 1969 has started serving a one-year jail sentence after being found guilty of indecent assault … Continue reading

Finally!!!! A Project Truth Win

[The following is an excerpt from Dick Nadeu‘s website – Fall 2001 This verdict which evoked such joy from Dick was appealed by Lapierre.  After exhausting all avenues of appeal – barring the Supreme Court of Canada – Lapierre … Continue reading