Alleged abusers can be named at inquiry

Toronto Star 16 January 16, 2007 CANADIAN PRESS Witnesses at the inquiry probing the institutional response to allegations of systemic child sexual abuse in the Cornwall, Ont., area can name their alleged abusers, even if they have been found innocent, … Continue reading

Priest begins serving sentence

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Wednesday, October 18, 2006 – 10:00 Kevin Lajoie Local News – A former Catholic priest who served in the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese until 1969 has started serving a one-year jail sentence after being found guilty of indecent assault … Continue reading

Naming Names

Naming Names By Dick Nadeau (R.I.P) [The following is a small excerpt of Dick’s “Naming Names” which gives a little history of the Classical College, the names of three Viatorian priests who were sexually abusing young boys, and connections between … Continue reading

Lapierre: Father Hollis Lapierre

Father Hollis Lapierre [No relation to Father Paul Lapierre.] Good friend of fellow clerical paedophiles Fathers Paul Lapierre and Don Scott. Named Father Don Scott as executor of his will which instructed Scott that upon his death (Hollis’) Scott was to … Continue reading