Segal: Murray Segal

Murray Segal   Murray Segal was called to the Ontario Bar in 1977.  Worked for the Crown Law Office-Criminal.    1990:  Appointed Director of the Crown Law Office; Criminal  1997:  Appointed Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Ministry’s Criminal Law Division and … Continue reading

Ontario Attorney General

COMING SOON (see also AG page) Brian Lennox (Judge who gave Malcolm MacDonald an absolute discharge after the former Crown pled guilty to obstructing justice in the illegal  $32,000 pay-off of David Silmser  Terence Platana Murray Segal:  (Deputy Attorney General) … Continue reading

The Cover-Up

Is there a Cover-up in Cornwall? The question we now know the Cornwall Public Inquiry will not ask   [Scroll down for cover-up-media-related articles] Is there a cover-up in Cornwall?  Was there a cover-up in Cornwall?    ‘Officially’ the answer to both … Continue reading