Who’s on or off “The List”?

Who’s on or off “The List”?  [Part 2 of Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony and so-called “recantations”] Part 1: Cameron’s Point and the Ritual  Part 3:  Joss Van Diepen Incriminated “I was at several parties at Ken Seguin’s home, Malcolm MacDonald’s … Continue reading

Maloney: Father Kevin Maloney

Father Kevin Maloney Father Kevin Joseph Maloney Father Kevin is a Roman Catholic priest ordained 1972 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Allegations of sex abuse at St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred, Ontario – charges were never laid and … Continue reading

Cameron: Father Bernard Cameron

  Father Bernard Cameron is a Roman Catholic priest, Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Ordained 39 May 1958 by Bishop Rosario Brodeur. Sex abuse allegations by Ron Leroux.   Allegations that he was seen at the home of probation officer Ken Seguin … Continue reading

Storm-Tossed House. . .

Pending Arrest Of Pedophiles Expected To Implicate Bishop [The Wanderer, 17 August 2000] By Paul Likoudis CORNWALL, Ont. – The pending arrest (slated for August 9) of former Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin by officers of the Project Truth … Continue reading

Brunet: Luc Brunet

S/Sgt. Luc Brunet has been an officer with the Cornwall Police Service since 18 March 1977.  It was Brunet who decided that an officer inexperienced in investigating sex abuse could take on David Silmser’s sex abuse allegations against two pillars … Continue reading

Acts of Perfect Charity: A Parody

A parody on the inquiry’s legal spin-doctoring of the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up   It all started when David Silmser told Cornwall police and officials at the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese that he was sexually abused as a young boy … Continue reading

MacDonald: Murray MacDonald

Back to the beginning Crown Murray MacDonald discredits David Silmser 09 September 1993:  Staff Sgt. Lucien Brunet to Crown attorney Murray MacDonald Brunet seeks advice from Crown re Silmser advising he no longer wants to proceed with criminal charges 14 … Continue reading


C-8 was sexually abused by Roman Catholic teacher Marcel Lalonde.  He also alleged he was molested by Father Charles MacDonald,  a priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. (C-8 is testifying in camera. There is a publication ban on his name … Continue reading

Shaver: Claude Shaver

Former Chief of Police in Cornwall, Ontario. Born in Montreal in 1942.  When aged family moved to Cornwall.  Served as an altar boy at St. Columban’s Roman Catholic Church. Joined RCMP when he was age 20. Took the equivalent of … Continue reading

Barque: Nelson Barque

UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  ALL LINKS AND INFORMATION FROM THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE WILL EVENTUALLY BE RESTORED   Nelson Barque Nelson Joe L.C. Barque Convicted sexual predator Nelson Barque was a probation officer in Cornwall, Ontario from August 1974 until his resignation in … Continue reading