Former cop denies close Seguin ties

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 03 May 2008 Posted By Michael Peeling An ex-Cornwall police staff inspector said he had little connection with a probation officer suspected of sexually abusing his charges. Stuart McDonald, retired from the Cornwall Community Police since 1995, … Continue reading

Sheets: Bobby Sheets

Robert Sheets  Bobby Sheets Bobby Sheets was sexually molested by ex-priest Richard Hickerson and probation officers Nelson Baroque and Ken Seguin.  (Probation officer Ken Seguin would watch and masturbate while Barque was molesting the boy.) Robert Sheets Project Truth Victim … Continue reading

Redacted statement

Redacted Names and information which might identify the following person have been redacted.  I don’t believe this person was called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry?  I may be mistaken so will check. Statement[redacted] Cornwall Ontario D.O.B.  [redacted] 1965 … Continue reading

Hesse: Carole Hesse

Carole Deschamps Carole Hesse Carole Hesse is the sister of the four Renshaw brothers, all of whom were “allegedly” sexually abused.  Hesse is the former Carole Deschamps.  Carole virtually raised the boys after her mother’s departure.   Because Ken Seguin was … Continue reading

Malcolm MacDonald ODE

The ODE [Note:  The ODE is an Overview of the Documentary Evidence on Malcolm MacDonald, “alleged” paedophile, active member of the Progressive Conservative party, Cornwall lawyer, former Crown attorney, Roman Catholic, member of the Knights of the Columbus, former Grand … Continue reading

Joss Van Diepen Incriminated

at Cornwall Public Inquiry[Part 3 of Ron’s muddled testimony and so-called “recantations”] Just before Ron Leroux took the stand on Tuesday 26 June 2007, local probation officer and long time resident (50 years) of St. Andrew’s West Joss Van Diepen sought … Continue reading

Ministry stands by local Crown

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Friday, June 22, 2007 – 08:00 Terri Saunders Local News – Officials with the Ministry of the Attorney General Thursday jumped to the defence of a Crown attorney in the wake of allegations he socialized with alleged … Continue reading