Power: Justice Denis Power

Represented Jacques Leduc and/or the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in a Cornwall Cornwall scandal related civil action. At some time was President of St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild of Ottawa . Served as judge with Ontario Divisional Court.   30 November … Continue reading

Justice James Chadwick

Justice James Chadwick Justice James Chadwick stayed the charges at the first sex abuse trial of Cornwall lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc. Justice James Chadwick took the bench at the  the trial after Justice Colin McKinnon was obliged … Continue reading

Justice James Chadwick (Appendix B to CJC complaint)

[Appendix B to complaint filed with the Canadian Judicial Council regarding Justices James Chadwick and Colin McKinnon and the Jacques Leduc sex abuse trial] ______________________________________ Appendix B to MacEachern letter of 09 April 2001 Justice James Chadwick 1. Justice James … Continue reading