Decision on retired police officer expected

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 24 June 2008 (Staff) — A decision on whether a retired Cornwall police officer will have to take the stand at the Cornwall Public Inquiry will come this week, the probe’s commissioner promised Monday. Comm. Normand Glaude … Continue reading

Ron Lefebvre

Ron Lefebvre Ron Lefebvre was a Sergeant with the Cornwall Police Service.  Lefebvre was involved in several sex abuse investigations, one of those being that in 1985 of Early Landry Jr., the son of the former Chief of Police Earl … Continue reading

Doubts regarding junior cop’s ability

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 02 May 2008 The officer who was third-in-charge at the Cornwall Police Service in December 1992 testified he had doubts about a junior cop’s ability to handle the high-profile David Silmser investigation. Staff Insp. Stuart MacDonald said … Continue reading

Malcolm MacDonald ODE

The ODE [Note:  The ODE is an Overview of the Documentary Evidence on Malcolm MacDonald, “alleged” paedophile, active member of the Progressive Conservative party, Cornwall lawyer, former Crown attorney, Roman Catholic, member of the Knights of the Columbus, former Grand … Continue reading

Brunet: Luc Brunet

S/Sgt. Luc Brunet has been an officer with the Cornwall Police Service since 18 March 1977.  It was Brunet who decided that an officer inexperienced in investigating sex abuse could take on David Silmser’s sex abuse allegations against two pillars … Continue reading

Colin McKinnon

Justice Colin McKinnon Justice Colin McKinnon (He Wasn’t From Cornwall Either) Prior to the Leduc trial it was understood that the judge would be chosen from outside the city or jurisdiction of Cornwall to give victims and citizens assurance there … Continue reading

Heidi Sebalj

Heidi Sebalj Heidi Sebalj was the Cornwall Police Service constable who handled David Silmsers’s sex abuse allegations against probation officer Ken Seguin and local Roman Catholic priest Father Charles MacDonald. She also handled the allegations of victims of Roman Catholic … Continue reading


Cornwall Sex Abuse Scandal and Cover-Up   The information below is drawn from witness testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry and other relevant documents.  I am working my way slowly through the transcripts and as I do so will be … Continue reading