Ostler: Father David Ostler

Father David Ostler Brother of Father Gary Ostler . Father David Ostler was ordained for the Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland in 1987 by Bishop Faber MacDonald, then bishop of Grand Falls, Newfoundland.  He served at St. Joseph’s Church in Gander from 1987-1989 (Pastor … Continue reading

Ostler: Father Gary Ostler

Gary Ostler. Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1972 for Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Brother of Father David Ostler. Reports that Father Gary Ostler was seen at probation officer Ken Seguin‘s waterfront home, and/or lawyer and former Crown Malcolm MacDonald‘s cottage . … Continue reading

Who’s on or off “The List”?

Who’s on or off “The List”?  [Part 2 of Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony and so-called “recantations”] Part 1: Cameron’s Point and the Ritual  Part 3:  Joss Van Diepen Incriminated “I was at several parties at Ken Seguin’s home, Malcolm MacDonald’s … Continue reading

Storm-Tossed House. . .

Pending Arrest Of Pedophiles Expected To Implicate Bishop [The Wanderer, 17 August 2000] By Paul Likoudis CORNWALL, Ont. – The pending arrest (slated for August 9) of former Justice of the Peace Keith Jodoin by officers of the Project Truth … Continue reading

Sabourin: Robert Sabourin

Robert Sabourin, former Roman Catholic school teacher at La Citadelle High School was convicted in 1999 on several counts of sexual abuse involving young boys – sentenced to two years less a day.  He entered a guilty plea to new … Continue reading

Larocque: Bishop Eugene Larocque

Eugene Larocque                          (Eugene Philippe Larocque) Ordained 07 June 1952 as a diocesan priest for the Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria in 24 … Continue reading