Bishop sorry for suffering

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Terri Saunders Friday, October 06, 2006 – 10:00 Front Page – Nearly 30 years after her son was sexually abused by a priest, a mother was reduced to tears Thursday when a bishop offered a formal apology … Continue reading

Brisson: Benoit Brisson

Benoit Brisson Ben Brisson Benoit Brisson was sexually molested by Father Gilles Deslaurier, a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.   Deslaurier was the Roman Catholic priest who married Ben in 1984.  The marriage dissolved after two years, … Continue reading

Lefebvre: Father Francois Lefebvre

Father Francois Lefebvre Francois E. Lefebvre Father Francois E Lefebvre, often referred to as Father Francis Lefebvre – known as “Father Manny” Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 31 May 1934 for the Diocese of Alexandria (now Alexandria-Cornwall) Allegations by Andre Gauthier … Continue reading

Ostler: Father Gary Ostler

Gary Ostler. Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1972 for Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Brother of Father David Ostler. Reports that Father Gary Ostler was seen at probation officer Ken Seguin‘s waterfront home, and/or lawyer and former Crown Malcolm MacDonald‘s cottage . … Continue reading

Malcolm MacDonald ODE

The ODE [Note:  The ODE is an Overview of the Documentary Evidence on Malcolm MacDonald, “alleged” paedophile, active member of the Progressive Conservative party, Cornwall lawyer, former Crown attorney, Roman Catholic, member of the Knights of the Columbus, former Grand … Continue reading

Who’s on or off “The List”?

Who’s on or off “The List”?  [Part 2 of Ron Leroux’ muddled testimony and so-called “recantations”] Part 1: Cameron’s Point and the Ritual  Part 3:  Joss Van Diepen Incriminated “I was at several parties at Ken Seguin’s home, Malcolm MacDonald’s … Continue reading

Cameron’s Point

Cameron’s Point Ron Leroux’ muddled recantations and testimony about what and who he did or did not see at Cameron’s Point, Ontario on the evening he alleges he was sexually abused by “Father Eugene” (Bishop Eugene Larocque)  Cameron’s Point is … Continue reading

Major: Father Romeo Major

Father Romeo Major.   Roman Catholic priest,  Ordained 21 June 1964 for the Diocese of Alexandria (Alexandria-Cornwall) Ontario.  Charged through Project Truth Probe in 2000.  Charges related to sex abuse of teenage girl withdrawn or dropped.  Retired after charges laid.Member of … Continue reading

Lebrun: Monsignor Rejean Lebrun

Monsignor Rejean Lebrun is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Ordained 31 May 1962. Father Lebrun testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry 21 July 2008. According to his testimony back in the mid to late 60s Father … Continue reading