On-the-job training

DESPITE BOYISH LOOKS AND RELATIVE INEXPERIENCE, DALLAS LEE WAS AN INQUIRY ICON Cornwall Standard Freeholder 03 February 2009 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD Dallas Lee is in the middle of recounting his past three years at the Cornwall Public Inquiry when … Continue reading

Answers at last

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 30 August 2008 There was never any doubt that the testimony of former Bishop Eugene LaRocque at the Cornwall Public Inquiry would draw attention. After all, he was the man who led the Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic Diocese … Continue reading

‘I was under his control’

Former bishop says Deslauriers was a ‘master manipulator’ Cornwall Standard Freeholder 30 July 2008 Posted By Trevor Pritchard A Catholic priest convicted in 1986 of sexually abusing four young men was a “master manipulator,” his former bishop told the Cornwall … Continue reading

Accused priest ends posting in Hull church

The Ottawa Citizen 30 May 1986 Jacquie Miller and Anne McIlroy Citizen Staff writers The Catholic priest a Cornwall family said sexually molested their son has left a Hull parish and entered a religious retreat. Officials at the Gatineau-Hull diocese … Continue reading

Bishop stepping down

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 26 April 02 Bishop stepping down COFFEE BREAK Claude McIntosh Bishop Eugene LaRocque‘s tenure as the top Catholic leader in the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese will come to a quiet end Saturday when the Vatican will announce his anticipated … Continue reading

Vaillancourt: Father Denis Vaillancourt

Denis Vaillancourt Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1974 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Studied Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul U at same time as married layman Jacques Leduc   – the two served together on the diocesan tribunal. Served as … Continue reading