The Lawsuit

Cameron et al vs. Bateman et al (Bishop Eugene Larocque and several diocesan clergy sue ) Background On 19 September 2000 Bishop Eugene Larocque and Fathers Bernard Cameron, Rejean Lebrun, Ranald Roderick MacDonald, Kevin Joseph Maloney, Donald Bernard McDougald and … Continue reading

Finally!!!! A Project Truth Win

[The following is an excerpt from Dick Nadeu‘s website – Fall 2001 This verdict which evoked such joy from Dick was appealed by Lapierre.  After exhausting all avenues of appeal – barring the Supreme Court of Canada – Lapierre … Continue reading

Marleau: Claude Marleau

 Claude Marleau Claude Marleau is referred to as “John Doe” in a number of other postings. Claude Marleau, a lawyer by profession,  alleges he was sexually abused and passed around like a used toy by Dr. Arthur Peachy, Sandy Lawrence, … Continue reading

Lapierre: Father Paul Lapierre

(Most of the following information came from Father Lapierre’s 07 September 2001testimony at his Project Truth sex abuse trial. The small parts which were not part of his testimony were attained from the Catholic Directory of Canada. Father Lapierre received … Continue reading

Nadeau: Dick Nadeau

Dick Nadeau Dick Nadeau was sexually molested by Father Hector Cote csv while Nadeau was a student at the now defunct Cornwall Classical Classical College which was operated by the Viatorian priests (Clerics of St.Viator). Nadeau became well known near and afar … Continue reading

The Victims

Under construction  – links and further info to be added In memory of Dick  A Must Read: The Poignant Voice of a Victim  _____________________ The names listed below are those of two groups of sexual abuse victims and “alleged” victims … Continue reading

Leduc Trial

Jacques Leduc Under construction ___________________________ Lawyers and judges Pre-trial defence lawyer:  Michael Edelson (Ottawa) Trial One:  Defence lawyer:  Stephen Skurka and Phil Campbell.  Crown: Shelley Hallett.  Judges:  Colin McKinnon (forced to recuse himself six weeks into trial.  Justice James Chadwick … Continue reading