Besmirching the dead

Father Tom Doyle, a Roman Catholic priest and “victim’s advocate” attempts to salvage his own ‘honour’ by besmirching that of deceased sex abuse victim and former website operator Dick Nadeau.  Dick had worked tirelessly to expose the sex abuse in … Continue reading

Justice Colin McKinnon (Appendix A to CJC complaint)

[Appendix A to complaint filed with the Canadian Judicial Council regarding Justices James Chadwick and Colin McKinnon and the Jacques Leduc sex abuse trial] ________________________________________ Appendix A to MacEachern letter of 09 April 2001 Justice Colin McKinnon 1. Justice Colin … Continue reading

Naming Names

Naming Names By Dick Nadeau (R.I.P) [The following is a small excerpt of Dick’s “Naming Names” which gives a little history of the Classical College, the names of three Viatorian priests who were sexually abusing young boys, and connections between … Continue reading

Cameron’s Point

Cameron’s Point Ron Leroux’ muddled recantations and testimony about what and who he did or did not see at Cameron’s Point, Ontario on the evening he alleges he was sexually abused by “Father Eugene” (Bishop Eugene Larocque)  Cameron’s Point is … Continue reading