Vaillancourt: Father Denis Vaillancourt

Denis Vaillancourt Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1974 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario.  Studied Canon Law at Ottawa’s St. Paul U at same time as married layman Jacques Leduc   – the two served together on the diocesan tribunal. Served as … Continue reading

Bouchard: Bishop Luc Bouchard

Luc A. Bouchard Bouchard, born & bred in Cornwall, Ontario, ordained for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, is now Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Paul, Alberta (the information listed below is complied from the resources available to me and … Continue reading

Deslaurier: Father Gilles Deslaurier

  Gilles Deslaurier      Roman Catholic priest.  Ordained 1970.  Charged 1986.  Guilty plea.  Remains a Roman Catholic priest.Formerly Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, currently incardinated in the Diocese of St. Jerome, Quebec March 2019:  Two indecent assault charges filed.  The charges allegedly date to … Continue reading