On-the-job training

DESPITE BOYISH LOOKS AND RELATIVE INEXPERIENCE, DALLAS LEE WAS AN INQUIRY ICON Cornwall Standard Freeholder 03 February 2009 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD Dallas Lee is in the middle of recounting his past three years at the Cornwall Public Inquiry when … Continue reading

Answers at last

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 30 August 2008 There was never any doubt that the testimony of former Bishop Eugene LaRocque at the Cornwall Public Inquiry would draw attention. After all, he was the man who led the Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic Diocese … Continue reading

Pilon-Routhier: Sister Claudette Pilon-Routhier

Sr. Claudette Pilon-Routhier Sr. Claudette Pilon Sister Claudette Pilon-Routhier was one of three persons on the diocesan ad hoc committee which dealt with Benoit Brisson‘s sex abuse allegations against Father Gilles Desluarier in the mid 80s.  The group was sworn … Continue reading

Thibault: Father Claude Thibault

Claude Thibault Claude G. Thibault Father Claude Thibault is a Roman Catholic priest ordained in 1986 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.  Father Thibault was sexually abused in the late 70s by Father Gilles Deslaurier.    Born 09 June 1960 in Cornwall, … Continue reading


THE VICTIMS OF HORRIFYING SEXUAL ABUSE COME TO TERMS WITH HAVING TO BEAR THE PAIN OF RELIVING THE ATTACKS Cornwall Standard Freeholder 02 February 2009 Posted By STANDARD-FREEHOLDER Rev. Claude Thibault is a man of images. Exhibit A is a … Continue reading