Get the facts please: bishop

Letter to the Editor Cornwall Standard Freeholder 31 January 2008 I am writing to respond to a letter written by Rev. Thomas Doyle which you published on Jan. 26, 2008. Rev. Doyle has decided through his letter to insert himself … Continue reading

Let’s not make Perry a martyr

Editorial Cornwall Standard Freeholder 16 January 2008 It was no big surprise that former Cornwall police officer Perry Dunlop didn’t show up Monday for his scheduled appearance at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. He made it perfectly clear that he had … Continue reading

Persecution of Perry Dunlop shameful

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Letter to the Editor 26 January 2008 Your editorial “Let’s not make Perry a martyr” reveals either a profound lack of comprehension of the social dynamics that emerge from revelations of child sexual abuse, or it is … Continue reading

Doyle: Father Tom Doyle OP

   Father Thomas P. Doyle op Thomas Patrick Michael Doyle OP Canon lawyer.  Called as expert witness – to give contextual evidence at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Examination of qualifications 29 August 2007. Testified  30 August 2007. TRANSCRIPTS 30 August … Continue reading

Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses called to testify at the Cornwall Public Inquiry – Father Frank Morrissey omi (Canon Lawyer) – Father Tom Doyle op (canon lawyer) … Continue reading

Besmirching the dead

Father Tom Doyle, a Roman Catholic priest and “victim’s advocate” attempts to salvage his own ‘honour’ by besmirching that of deceased sex abuse victim and former website operator Dick Nadeau.  Dick had worked tirelessly to expose the sex abuse in … Continue reading

Morrissey: Father Francis Morrisey omi

Father Frank Morrisey omi Father Morrisey J.C.D. (Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON), PhD (University of Ottawa) Francis G. Morrisey omi  Father Frank Morrisey is an Ottawa-based Oblate priest and professor of canon lawyer at Ottawa’s Roman Catholic University of Saint … Continue reading

Power: Justice Denis Power

Represented Jacques Leduc and/or the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in a Cornwall Cornwall scandal related civil action. At some time was President of St. Thomas More Lawyer’s Guild of Ottawa . Served as judge with Ontario Divisional Court.   30 November … Continue reading

The Dunlop Statement

Dunlop Statement to be read at Red Flag Committee meeting (29 June 2005) 1…….Any one that the Government sends to Cornwall to head the Inquiry must be TOTALLY independent from the police, the church, offices of the Attorney General, Solicitor … Continue reading