The Inquiry

Under Construction Order in Council (the mandate for the Inquiry) Where the money goes 17 January 2010:  “Cop at centre of Cornwall inquiry appeals contempt convictions” & related articles The Ever-Evolving Criminal Code of Canada 03 February 2009:  On-the-job training  … Continue reading

Dunlop appeals contempt convictions

FORMER POLICE OFFICER: Uncertain if Dunlop will appear in court Cornwall Standard Freeholder 18 January 2010 Posted By Staff TORONTO — The former Cornwall police officer at the centre of the battle over whether there was a pedophile ring operating … Continue reading


About This Site In broad terms is about Church authorities, politicians, law enforcement officials, lawyers and judges who collectively turn a blind eye to paedophiles, willfully place children at risk, and are indifferent to the plight of male victims … Continue reading

The Victims

Under construction  – links and further info to be added In memory of Dick  A Must Read: The Poignant Voice of a Victim  _____________________ The names listed below are those of two groups of sexual abuse victims and “alleged” victims … Continue reading