Lapierre: Father Hollis Lapierre

Father Hollis Lapierre [No relation to Father Paul Lapierre.] Good friend of fellow clerical paedophiles Fathers Paul Lapierre and Don Scott. Named Father Don Scott as executor of his will which instructed Scott that upon his death (Hollis’) Scott was to … Continue reading

Scott: Father Donald Scott

Donald E. Scott Don Scott Donald E. Scott Good friend of Fathers Paul Lapierre, Kenneth Martin and Hollis Lapierre (no relation to Paul Lapierre.) Sexually abused Claude Marleau. ___________________________ 03 December 2008 BLOG What constitutes a ring? 21 November 2008: … Continue reading

Employee has no right to privacy, inquiry told

Publication ban would turn tradition ‘on its head’, inquiry into sex abuse hears The Ottawa Citizen Friday, December 08, 2006 Neco Cockburn A publication ban to protect the name of an Alexandria-Cornwall Roman Catholic diocese employee would be a “revolutionary” … Continue reading

Marleau Continues Testimony At Inquiry

Cornwall AM 1220 December 01, 2006 — Cross-examination by the OPP and OPP Association is the order of the day at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. Claude Marleau is being asked about interviews he had with officers during the police investigations … Continue reading

Testifying at inquiry gives victim closure

Cornwall Standard Freeholder Saturday, December 02, 2006 – 10:00 Terri Saunders Local News – A sexual abuse survivor said Friday testifying at the Cornwall Public Inquiry has served as a second helping of closure. Claude Marleau spent four days on … Continue reading