Perry Dunlop’s “Story” – Part 2

Perry Dunlop “Story” Perry Dunlop’s Will State PART 2 (pp 29 – 56) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 WILL STATE – Constable Perry Dunlop Cornwall Police Service                                               April 7, 2000 Where are these tapes now? … Continue reading

Adams: Sean Adams

Sean Adams s the Roman Catholic Cornwall lawyer and member of the Knights of Columbus who provided independent legal advice to David Silmser in signing the illegal $32,000 pay-off and gag order.  Silmser alleged he had been sexually abused by … Continue reading

Johnson: Don Johnson

Don Johnson   Don Johnson was called to the Ontario bar 22 March 1968.   He served first as acting  Crown attorney and then Crown attorney in Cornwall Ontario from 1972 – 1991.  He now works as a defence lawyer .  Don … Continue reading


Dunlop’s heart was ‘ripped’ out Cornwall Public Inquiry Cornwall Standard Freeholder 29 August 2008 Posted By TREVOR PRITCHARD Cries of “Free Perry Dunlop” and “Defrock LaRocque” rang through the early morning air at a raucous protest outside the Weave Shed … Continue reading

Maloney: Father Kevin Maloney

Father Kevin Maloney Father Kevin Joseph Maloney Father Kevin is a Roman Catholic priest ordained 1972 for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario. Allegations of sex abuse at St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred, Ontario – charges were never laid and … Continue reading

Brunet: Luc Brunet

S/Sgt. Luc Brunet has been an officer with the Cornwall Police Service since 18 March 1977.  It was Brunet who decided that an officer inexperienced in investigating sex abuse could take on David Silmser’s sex abuse allegations against two pillars … Continue reading

Griffith-Pelletier Memo

The following is the text of an 02 April 1997 memo sent by Robert Pelletier, L’Orignal associate Crown attorney, to Peter Griffiths, Director of Crowns for the Eastern Region of Ontario.  Both men have since been appointed to the bench, … Continue reading

Derochie: Garry Derochie

Staff Sgt. Garry Derochie Cornwall Police Service Staff Sgt. Garry Derochie is the officer who conducted an internal investigation into Perry Dunlop turning David Silmser’s victim statement to the Children’s Aid Society. The statement was turned over at the request … Continue reading